The Best Sweet Potato Crust Quiche Recipes We Can Find

Quiche is an absolutely delicious dish, originally French, which is a sort of tart with a pastry crust, filled with various ingredients. Usually, it contains cheese, meat, seafood, or vegetables (or a mix of a few at once). So basically, it’s like an open pie.

It can be served both cold and hot and is highly popular all around the world. Especially because the combinations and flavors you can include in quiches are practically limitless! 

An amazing quiche variation we have come across recently is quiches with a sweet potato crust. It’s just a small detail, in the crust, but the sweet potato adds a whole new layer to the flavor, and it makes for a delicious finish to whichever type of quiche you’re making! 

There are also plenty of recipes that show you exactly how to make a sweet potato crust quiche, and you can add anything you want within the quiche itself, so this is a variation that can be loved by all people! (Except for those who for some reason dislike sweet potato in the crust, of course.) 

To help you try out the best recipes for sweet potato crust quiche, we’ve compiled a list of the favorite ones we’ve come across. So browse through them, pick one, and get started!

Sweet Potato Crusted Quiche with Goat Cheese and Leeks 

There are a lot of recipes out there for sweet potato crust quiche, mainly because the options are limitless. But this sweet potato crusted quiche with goat cheese and leeks definitely stands out amongst the rest, not only for its unique twist of ingredients but also because the recipe is absolutely amazing!

Found on the Meaningful Eats blog, it is written by Erin, who not only has a BS in food science but also has an MS in nutrition, so you can 100% trust her recipe to be healthy and good. 

The recipe has been written to serve between six to eight people, so there should be plenty to go around if you’re feeding your family or friends. The prep time takes around 30 minutes, and it’s then an hour for cooking. So an hour and a half of effort, and then you get to enjoy the delicious end result! 

The recipe card on the blog also comes with all the in-depth nutritional values, so you know exactly what you’re feeding your body and in what amount. Plus, Erin includes some tips on how to store, reheat, and even freeze, in case there are any leftovers! 

Sweet Potato Crust Quiche, by Healthy Liv

Source: Healthy Liv

This Sweet Potato Crust Quiche, by Healthy Liv, is another delicious yet healthy sweet potato crust quiche option, much as the name of the blog suggests.

The end result of this recipe is a quiche with a crust made out of thinly sliced roasted sweet potatoes, filled with sauteed vegetables and cheese. All in all, a protein-filled, healthy, and delicious dish, perfect for brunch and to share amongst family and friends! 

As quiche is usually made to share with others, or at the very least to last, the recipe is written to serve six people approximately. It takes around 20 minutes of prep time, plus another 55 minutes or so of cooking time, so really not that long compared to other quiche recipes! 

The recipe card on the blog comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow, as well as full information on the entire nutritional value of the dish. All you have to do is follow the steps, and then enjoy! 

Sweet Potato Crust Quiche, by Fit Foodie Finds

If you want to have a sweet potato crust quiche for breakfast, then the recipe that we absolutely recommend is the one posted by Fit Foodie Finds and written by Linley Richter.

With grated sweet potatoes, almond flour, cornmeal, and eggs, it is the perfect quiche combination with which to start your day! (And, well, you can also eat it during any other time of the day if you want to, this quiche is not strictly breakfast). 

The end result of this recipe is a sweet potato crust quiche that is healthy, nutritious, gluten-free, full of vegetables, and most importantly, delicious. The recipe is written to serve up to 6 people, and you click on the button to change the measurement automatically if you need it bigger, so you don’t have to do the maths!

It has a prep time of 30 minutes, and a further cooking time of around 55 minutes. Plus, there is also information on how to store, re-heat, or freeze your quiche, if there do happen to be leftovers after eating. 

Sweet Potato Crust Quiche, by Little Cooks

Source: Little Cooks

Little Cooks is always our go-to for recipes that are simple and easy to follow, so much so that they are accessible to kids! So even if you have no prior experience in this kitchen, this recipe gives you step-by-step instructions, so that you can make your very own delicious sweet potato crust quiche.

The end result is a tasty quiche with sweet potato crust, filled with plenty of cheddar cheese, spinach, and seasoning to taste; creamy, nutritious, and mouth-watering! 

There is a prep time of around 30 minutes, and the cooking process then takes between 30 to 40 minutes. So compared to other sweet potato crust quiche recipes, this one is fairly fast, meaning less waiting before you can finally eat.

As we said, the instructions are incredibly easy to follow, and there is a detailed list of everything you will need, including both ingredients and tools. 

Sweet Potato Crust Quiche, by A Mind Full Mom

This sweet potato crust quiche recipe, by a mind full mom, (ha, get it? Mindful, but turned into full, because the food…yeah okay,) is great if you’re looking to make a quiche that is nutritious and healthy, but also full of taste so that the entire family can enjoy eating it. The end result is delicious, gluten-free, full of spinach, and pretty easy to make! 

The recipe itself is written to serve four people, although you can easily adapt the measurement to serve more people if you have friends over. There is a very short prep time of 5 minutes for this recipe, and a further 45 minutes of cooking. We’re pretty sure this is one of the fastest sweet potato crust quiches to make! 

We hope that one of the recipes we have included in this list proves to be of use so that you can get to cooking and share a wonderful sweet potato crust quiche with your family and friends. All of the above recipes should be fairly easy to follow and don’t take that long to make (especially as most of the time is just the quiche cooking in the oven!) 

There are plenty more sweet potato crust quiche recipes available online, as the ingredient combinations and variations are infinite. But we truly believe we have included the very best recipes here, or at the very least, some pretty popular and highly recommended ones…so happy cooking!