The Best Watermelon Feta Gazpacho Recipes

A popular Spanish summer favorite is gazpacho or ‘the liquid salad.’ This traditional soup is a fantastic recipe packed with character and flavor. Traditionally this recipe is served cold containing a mix of fresh, raw vegetables and is considered a refreshing dish served during the hot summer months. 

Packed full of health benefits, gazpacho is a great low calorie but high in fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. 

Unless you’ve made gazpacho before, it can be difficult to know what ingredients to put together to make a refreshing side dish or main meal.

If you’re looking for a delicious, light, and easy recipe for gazpacho, the following will give you the 10 gazpacho recipes that play on the traditional tomato gazpacho recipe. We’ve put together the best 10 watermelon feta gazpacho recipes for you. 

Watermelon Gazpacho With Feta And Mint (By Food52)

Source: Food52

Food52 offers a fruity twist on the traditional gazpacho recipe with a watermelon gazpacho recipe served with feta and mint. 

This recipe is a delicious sweet-savory cold soup with a rich sweet flavor and topped with creamy feta and a hint of chile for added heat and mint and cucumber for freshness. 

This recipe is full of strong and distinct complementary flavors and is a great choice for a light, refreshing meal. 

This recipe includes helpful kitchen notes to help you get the most out of this recipe. This recipe is great for feeding the whole family as it serves.

Watermelon Gazpacho (By Food Network)

Source: Food Network

Food Network offers a super easy and simple gazpacho recipe with a twist. This recipe contains elements of the traditional recipe including pureed tomato. However, they mix it up with added refreshing and fruity flavors of watermelon and herby notes from minced fresh dill.

This recipe is a mix of sweet and aromatic with a little bit of spice which is calmed by the creaminess of the feta. 

This recipe can be prepared in 15 minutes and is a great recipe if you’re looking for something quick and light to make. This recipe serves and is easy to follow with minimal ingredients. 

Watermelon Gazpacho With Feta Crema (By Bon Appetit)

Source: Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit offers a creamy watermelon gazpacho recipe with feta crema. This recipe contains a simple combination of ingredients which each contributes by adding a distinct flavor. 

This recipe includes a fresh watermelon and cucumber flavor with the added spice of jalapeno and an added creamy texture from sour cream, whole milk, and feta. 

This recipe adds a French twist to the classic recipe by adding feta from French sheep’s milk for added taste. 

This recipe is great served chilled. It serves 6 and is easy and quick to follow with minimal preparation required. 

Watermelon Gazpacho (By Love And Lemons)

Love and Lemons offer a refreshing watermelon gazpacho recipe with a subtle sweet flavor that creates a perfect combination of sweet and savory notes. 

This is a great recipe to keep chilled and to dish out for a quick and easy lunch. Served as a light, refreshing meal, this recipe is great for cooling down in the summer.

This recipe includes great serving suggestions to customize your recipe in the way that suits you. 

This recipe serves 6 and only takes 20 minutes to prepare.

Watermelon Gazpacho (By Gimme Some Oven)

Gimme Some Oven offers a sweet and savory variation of the classic gazpacho recipe. This recipe is full of fresh and refreshing ingredients with plenty of flavors yet with a light texture.

With fresh and healthy ingredients this recipe is naturally vegan and gluten-free but if you are on neither of these diets, feel free to add a little feta on the top. 

This recipe consists of few ingredients and simple seasoning to focus on the key flavors of the watermelon and tomato. 

This recipe includes added information of possible variations you could make of this recipe as well as tips for dietary substitutes. 

This recipe is simple and easy to follow and only takes 15 minutes to prepare, making it a go-to for a quick meal. This recipe serves 4-6.

Watermelon-Jalapeno Gazpacho With Feta (By Simple Nourished Living)

Simple Nourished Living offers a spicy variation of the classic gazpacho recipe. This recipe contains a combination of watermelon and tomato with added hot sauce for spice. 

This recipe is ideal for anyone looking to watch their weight, low in calories and high in nutritional value, this is a great dish for a light yet filling meal. 

This is a great recipe for cooling down in the summer sun or if you’re just looking for something refreshing to eat that has a bit of a kick. 

This recipe is simple to follow and only takes 20 minutes to prepare. 

Watermelon Gazpacho With Whipped Feta (By The Suburban Soapbox)

The Suburban Soapbox offers a chunky watermelon gazpacho recipe with added whipped feta. This recipe takes a twist on the classic gazpacho recipe as it replaces tomato with watermelon and contains chunks of vegetables for added flavor. 

This recipe contains a base broth of watermelon juice for a refreshing, sweet flavor. This is accompanied with lime zest and topped with a scoop of fluffy whipped feta. 

This recipe offers substitute ingredients to enable you to feel comfortable switching up the recipe to your taste. 

This recipe makes a large amount of soup serving 8 and only takes 15 to prepare to make for a super quick and easy recipe to beat the summer heat.

Watermelon Gazpacho With Feta Cheese And Basil Oil (By Basco Fine Foods)

Basco Fine Foods offers a fruity and peppery twist to the classic gazpacho recipe. This cold soup is great for serving as a summer starter for guests or as a treat during the week. 

Leaving this recipe to chill for two days will ensure that all of the ingredients are nicely blended for a smooth blend of flavors. 

This recipe is served with crumbled feta, toasted croutons, and a drizzle of basil oil. This recipe also offers great variations to make this recipe stand out even more such as adding crab meat, prosciutto, avocado, or hard-boiled egg. This is a great recipe if you want to add your spin. 

This recipe contains easily accessible ingredients and is simple and easy to prepare and follow. 

This recipe serves 4 and takes 25 minutes to prepare. 

Chilled Watermelon Soup With Lime And Feta (By Delicious)

Source: Delicious

Delicious offers a creamy, zesty variation of the classic gazpacho recipe. This recipe completely replaces the tomatoes from the classic recipe with watermelon. With an added Mexican twist, this recipe contains lime, coriander, and pickled chilies for a vibrant and zesty flavor. 

Seasoned with a medley of herbs and spices, this is a great recipe to wow guests as it offers a rich combination of flavors accompanied by a topping of crumbled feta. 

This simple and easy recipe includes a two-step process making it a great recipe if you are running low on time.

This recipe serves and contains only 10 ingredients.

Watermelon Gazpacho (By Ready Set Eat)

Ready Set Eat offers a creamy blend of sweet and savory. This recipe contains a mix of tomatoes, refreshing and sweet watermelon with cucumber and bell peppers all blended to make a smooth and flavourful soup.

This recipe is accompanied by a variety of strong flavors including the distinct flavor of the dish and spice of jalapenos pepper. 

Topped with chopped vegetables and crumbled feta cheese, this recipe is packed full of flavor and color and is a great dish to serve to guests. 

This recipe is easy to follow as it only includes a three-step process with simple instructions. This recipe serves 6 and takes a total of 20 minutes to prepare.