The Best Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipes We Can Find

Hot chocolate is one of those treats that is amazing all year round. Some love to wrap themselves in a blanket and sip on a warm mug in the cold. Others like a cup to calm them down before a long summer’s evening.

Good hot chocolate is warm, sweet, and creamy. Part of the fun is trying all the different flavors it can come in, like caramel or vanilla. However, if you’re vegan, you may have had to miss out on a mug now and then.

Vegans may have fewer options than their non-vegan friends, but this doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy hot chocolate! As long as you only use milk substitutes and stick to vegan ingredients, you’ll be fine.

We’ve collected some of the best vegan hot chocolate recipes for you to try. Whether you’re looking for something indulgent, lower-calorie, or quick to make, you’re sure to find a recipe you love below.

Healthy Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate – From Detoxinista

Source: Detoxinista

The first recipe from our collection is a healthier version of hot chocolate. This recipe is free from sugar, low fat, and dairy-free. It’s also made with raw cacao powder, which has many health benefits, like lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation.

Almond milk and pure maple syrup keep the hot chocolate sweet, but completely vegan. If you’re vegan, conscious about your health, and have been missing the taste of hot chocolate, you have to try this recipe.

Thick Italian Vegan Hot Chocolate – From The Minimalist Vegan

If you’re looking for something indulgent, you’ll love this recipe. This hot chocolate is rich, sweet, and creamy. It’s so thick, it’s like drinking chocolate pudding! The secret is a little bit of cornflour. This makes the hot chocolate thicker without adding more chocolate in.

You can use any non-dairy milk that you’d like, just be sure that any chocolate chips you add are vegan. Topped with a bit of coconut cream, even non-vegans are sure to love this hot chocolate.

Spiked Vegan Hot Chocolate – From Dietitian Debbie

This one is for adults only! Everyone loves regular hot chocolate, but have you considered adding a little bourbon to your cup? Bourbon has vanilla undertones that go well with hot chocolate.

It also tastes great mixed with maple syrup and cocoa powder, but if you’re not a fan of bourbon, don’t worry!

You can add any other liquor of your choice. Some other vegan additions include spiced rum, vegan almond milk Baileys, and coffee liqueur. This is the perfect treat to wind down after a long day at work.

Nutella Hot Chocolate (Vegan!) – From The Conscientious Eater

As it contains milk, vegans have had to leave Nutella out of their diets. Luckily, you can get the nutty chocolate flavors in this vegan Nutella hot chocolate! Filled to the brim with maple syrup and hazelnut butter, you’ll get the same taste of Nutella without all the dairy.

There are loads of vegan chocolate hazelnut butter jars to buy, but if you’re worried about the ingredients, you can easily make your own at home. If your family loves to slather Nutella on their toast every morning, this hot chocolate will make you feel like you’re not missing out at all.

Healthy Hot Chocolate Recipe (Vegan+Paleo!) – From The Banana Diaries

When you’re watching what you eat, there’s nothing more annoying than craving something that you can’t have. Regular hot chocolate has lots of sugar and calories.

After a hard afternoon at the gym, an extra cup could set you back on your goals. This hot chocolate though? It has no sugar at all.

The sweetness comes from natural ingredients, like dark chocolate and cacao. It also has pea protein, which is great if you work out regularly and need extra fuel. This recipe is vegan and Paleo friendly, so you can make a big batch for your friends on different diets.

3 Ingredient Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate – From The Tolerant Tummy

If you’re short on time and want hot chocolate, you might turn to instant sachets to fix your craving. But if you’re vegan, it’s hard to find instant hot chocolate that is plant-based, as most of them contain powdered milk.

If you can relate, you’ll love this recipe. This hot chocolate only contains 3 ingredients, which you probably have sitting in your cupboard already. Cocoa powder, sugar, and salt. That’s all you need! As this recipe is so simple, you can add other ingredients in the mix to spice it up a little.

Peppermint sticks, peanut butter, and cinnamon are tasty additions, but this hot chocolate tastes just as good without them. If you’re looking for a hot chocolate that you can whip up in minutes, this recipe is perfect for you.

Healthy Vegan Gingerbread Hot Chocolate – From Rainbow Plant Life

Gingerbread is one of the most comforting foods ever known. Its spicy and sweet flavors taste amazing when added to hot chocolate.

This recipe has superfoods, like blackstrap molasses and raw cacao, which have a ton of health benefits. Thanks to a secret ingredient, this hot chocolate becomes unbelievably creamy.

Arrowroot powder thickens the mix in just 30 seconds, and also gives the hot chocolate a glossy look. If you want something healthy but satisfying, give this recipe a try.

Dairy-Free Hot Chocolate with Hazelnuts (Vegan, Oil-Free) – From Unconventional Baker

Hot chocolate doesn’t just taste good, it looks good too. Part of the fun is adding different toppings that make your drink Instagram-worthy. This hot chocolate is different from other recipes, as it uses edible rose petals on top of vegan whipped cream.

Just looking at those bright pink petals is sure to put a smile on your face. Hazelnut butter keeps the hot chocolate creamy and thick, without adding any oils. This is the perfect recipe to cheer a loved one up after a hard day.

Golden Vegan Hot Chocolate – From Pick Up Limes

Source: Pickuplimes

If you’re not a fan of maple syrup, you might wonder how to sweeten your hot chocolate, while keeping it vegan. Try dates! Dates are naturally sweet, which makes them the perfect fruit to add to hot chocolate. Just remove the seed, add to a blender with milk, and you’re done!

This recipe also uses turmeric, which is known around the world for its healing properties. Turmeric also makes your drink look slightly golden, and when combined with a touch of cinnamon, gives your hot chocolate a nice spicy flavor.

If you’re bored of traditional hot chocolate, try this recipe for a change!

Eggnog Hot Chocolate – From One Green Planet

Eggnog isn’t just for the holidays! Unbelievably, this recipe is 100% vegan. You get all of the eggnog flavors without any dairy or eggs. Ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon give the hot chocolate a nice spice.

Eggnog hot chocolate is perfect for the holidays, but it’s also great for date nights and summer evenings. If you fancy something different for a change, have a go at this recipe. It may just become your favorite!

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate – From Jessica In The Kitchen

Hot chocolate is nice to have on your own, but it’s even better to share with friends and family. Using a slow cooker is an easy way to make large amounts of hot chocolate.

The method is simple enough, you just need more ingredients than if you were making a single cup. If you’re looking for a drink to make when having friends over, this recipe is perfect for you.

You can keep your hot chocolate warm and ready to serve up at a moment’s notice. This will save you a lot of time, and as a bonus, your house will smell amazing!