The Best Apple and Cinnamon Recipes We Can Find

Apples are such versatile fruits. You can bake, fry, stew, or eat them fresh and raw. You can put them in a pie, strudel or crumble or even in a soup.  Furthermore, you can even dry them and eat them like sweets out of a packet, amazing! 

Apple lovers everywhere will enjoy this selection of apple and cinnamon recipes. And those that think that apples are a tad too healthy, do not fear, some of these recipes are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Without further ado, let’s get the taste buds stirring.

Dessert Apple Rings With Cinnamon Cream Syrup

This delightful recipe consists of the tart and famous Granny Smith apple. The apples are cut into rings, placed in batter and gently fried until golden.  They are then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar before serving;delicious! 

The cinnamon cream syrup is a great accompaniment and is made by mixing fresh (or powdered) cinnamon with sugar and corn syrup. The sweetened syrup nicely complements the tartness of the apples. 

Creamy Apple Cinnamon Dip

Baking with mom has come up with this tasty dish that’s ideal to serve with raw fresh apple rings. It’s great served with seasonal apples when they’re at their best.

With just 5 ingredients, it’s a simple and effective dip that is a great addition to tables at Xmas or thanksgiving. Or even just because it’s a weekend. 

All that’s needed is a combination of sugar, brown sugar, cream cheese, cinnamon and vanilla, whiz it all up, and it’s done! 

Cinnamon Spiced Apple Rings

For those that like to mix sweet and savory, RestlessChipotle have created the perfect accompaniment to a turkey or lamb roast. 

The recipes involve soaking the apples in syrup flavored with cinnamon. If you like a bit of spice in your food, then they suggest adding a guijillo chili.

For a glorious intense flavor ensure you soak the apples as long as possible. They can be stored in glass jars and added to meat during cooking or refrigerated and used as a side dish for salads or desserts. 

Warm Cinnamon Apples

Source: My Recipes

The ultimate in comfort food, this dish by myrecipes makes the perfect healthy breakfast and is a hit with the kids. You can use any apples, and it is simple to cook.

Add the apples, spices, and sugar together and place in the pan. In addition, add butter for a luxurious and buttery taste and texture. It makes a great base for a big fruit salad, or can be reheated and added to breakfast granola.

You can also add ice cream, cream or crumble for an old family favorite dessert. 

Easy Apple Cinnamon Rolls With Caramel Sauce

This recipe by MyTurnUs is pure indulgence and the good news is, it’s super easy!  Just like apple pie without the hard work. If you don’t fancy making your own dough, then purchase some ready-made dough from your local supermarket.

Then just roll out 8 pieces, pop it on a baking tray. Whisk the other ingredients and follow the rest of the recipe to create a wonderful caramel sauce that tastes amazing with the pastry and apples. 

Air Fryer Cinnamon Apple Rings

If you are savvy enough to own an air fryer, you’ll understand how amazing this cooking accessory is. Dailydishrecipes understand what a  convenient option it is for creating yummy snacks fast!

A quick combo of flour, milk, eggs, apple, and cinnamon, 10 mins in the air fryer and boom and tasty snack for when cravings hit. Also, great with ice cream or with a naughty caramel sauce. 

Taffy Apple Pizza

Apple pizza? Have you ever heard anything so absurd? But guess what? It works! And it’s actually healthier than a traditional pizza, as it contains fruit (and sugar! Let’s ignore that).

This delightful concoction combines creative slices of apple arranged neatly on a bed of cookie dough. It benefits from the addition of crunchy nuts and caramel sauce — a sweet treat to die for. 

Baked Apple Chips With Snickledoodle Dip

Snickledoodles are great only just because they sound like an edible dog! Joking aside, this healthier apple recipe from RecipeRunner is a great choice of sweet treat for those watching the waistline. The apple chips are easy to make with a small amount of sugar and are  baked until crisp.

Perfectly matched with the cream cheese and yogurt dip, this tasty little snack makes a great addition to a little get together or to curb the pre-dinner munchies. 

Easy Apple Soup With Cinnamon

Another healthy apple option, this hearty soup makes for a great sweet v savory extravaganza. Nourishing, warming and easy to make, this apple soup blends the spicy flavor of cinnamon with tart apples ideal for a cold wintry day or quick midweek meal. 

Cinnamon Apple Cake

We couldn’t list apple recipes without adding in a decadent cake option by Sweetest Menu. This cake is a ‘must make’ for all budding bakers out there. Perfect for munching on with a friend, and an ideal  accompaniment for a cup of tea. 

There are several options for making this cake. You can use oil or butter, which will both produce different textures. Be sure to follow the recipe accurately for best results. This cake can be enjoyed on its own or with custard, ice cream or cream. 

Apple Cinnamon Rolls

These delicious rolls by Sally’s baking addiction are delicious comfort food with gooey middles and a sensational flavor. Impress your friends and invite them over for a tea party.

They won’t be able to resist these yummy snacks. They boast a rich buttery flavor and to top it off they’re sprinkled with creamy caramel sauce! What’s not to love!

Ensure you set aside enough time to get these rolls right, they need a good kneading and time to let the yeast do its magic for about an hour before baking. They’re worth the effort, though, although I’m sure they’ll be eaten a lot quicker than the time it took to bake them. 

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Recipe

This great little recipe from foolproof living is perfect for breakfast and is quick and easy.

It’s also packed full of goodness! Nuts provide much needed protein and oats are a slow release energy food. Apples are in there for apple enthusiasts, and it’s made with almond milk for a non-dairy alternative. 

The great thing about this recipe is its adaptability depending on taste. You can add extra  fruit, milk, or nuts and if you want to sweeten it up, swirl in some  maple syrup or honey. You can add spice such as cinnamon or nutmeg and go crazy with some dedicated coconut. Furthermore, you can even eat it cold if you wish. 

Creamy Cinnamon Apple And Walnut Salad

Another healthy dish from Cooking Classy. This wonderful combo looks impressive on a dining table and is a fabulous salad to feed friends and family.

Full of texture, color and just all things good. Soft cream cheese adds some luxury to this dish, and it’s easy to make and generally very moorish. Sprinkle with cinnamon and dive in. Kids will love it too, and it’s perfect for them. In my book, that’s a winner. 

So, there you have it, 13 recipes to try your creative hand at. Enjoy!