The Best Cranberry Orange Nut Cookies Recipes We Can Find

When it comes to the festive period, there are three flavors in particular (aside from cinnamon) that are particularly popular. These flavors are Cranberry, orange, and nuts. While these foods are great when consumed individually, there is something special about combining them all together. 

These flavors are the perfect festive combination, especially when they are added to sweet treats. When it comes to the holidays, the majority of us will cook baked goods more often than we usually would. After all, it is the perfect time to indulge in sweet treats. 

One of our favorite recipes to make is cookies. Cookies are a staple in any home, and it is very rare that you will come across a person that is not keen on cookies.

Our favorite festive cookie combination is cranberry, orange, and nut. The flavors are not too sickly sweet, and are the perfect balance. 

We scoured the internet to find some new and interesting cookie recipes and were not disappointed. In this article, we have compiled a list of the 9 best cranberry, orange, nut recipes we have tried and tasted. They really are fantastic!

Cranberry-Orange-Nut Cookies (By Eating Well)

Source: Eating Well

These are a super tasty recipe to follow. The nuts that are used for these cookies are walnuts. The walnuts are perfect for the festive period, and they add a good amount of texture to the cookies.

This recipe has all of the ingredients you could want, and they would make for the perfect treat to serve to family and friends.

The recipe is easy to follow and is not too complicated. The ingredients are easy to source, and they taste great too. As dried cranberries are used, you do not have to worry about the cookies turning soggy at all. 

Cranberry, Orange And Nut Cookies (By Recipe Land)

Source: Recipe Land

This cookie recipe is particularly easy to follow, and does not require a lot of preparation time, which is useful if you are looking for something quick but tasty to bake. They are a great option to package and give out as treats to friends and family. 

The nuts used in this recipe are walnuts, which are a particularly good choice. This recipe uses whole wheat pastry flour, which is a slightly healthier option. It also works best with the ingredients used, too.

While it may be a healthier option, these cookies are not lacking in flavor at all. One of the featured ingredients is apple sauce. While this may seem like an unusual ingredient to add, it helps to sweeten up the cookies in a healthier way. 

Cranberry Orange Walnut Cookies (By Pillsbury)

Source: Pillsbury

Walnut is a popular nut choice to use for cookies, especially during the winter period. They add to the flavor, without overpowering it. These cookies are finished with a light covering of icing, which gives them an extra kick of sweetness. 

The cookies are flavored with orange juice, walnuts, and dried cranberries. As the fruit is not fresh, you do not have to worry about the cookies getting soggy because of the excess juices, or burning in the oven. 

They cook beautifully, as you can use the ready to bake cookie dough, this cuts down your preparation time significantly.

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie (By Dash Of Sanity)

If you are looking for a touch of sweetness, then you will want to consider trying these white chocolate cranberry cookies. They also feature cranberries and macadamia nuts. There are so many flavors in these cookies, but they all complement each other really well. 

This is one of our favorite cookie recipes because it is easy to make, and they cook well too. The preparation time is minimal, and they are the perfect festive treat. 

Orange Zested Cranberry And Walnut Oatmeal Cookies (By Just A Pinch)

Source: Just A Pinch

The orange zest in these cookies is perfect and works so well with the cranberry and walnut. Being oatmeal cookies, they are a healthier option to consider, and are great if you are looking for a sweet treat without too many calories.

They have a fantastic texture, and do not take too long to prepare. The dried cranberries are tasty, and this recipe uses brown sugar in addition to granulated sugar. It bakes 4 dozen cookies in total, so there are plenty of cookies to indulge on and share with friends and family. 

Cranberry Orange Pecan Cookies (By A Grande Life)

If you are fond of pecan nuts, then you will enjoy these cookies. They feature crushed pecans, which create the perfect crunch and balance out the flavors from the cranberry and orange well. They are beautifully soft, and definitely moreish! 

These cookies are easy to prepare, and are a fantastic option to serve on thanksgiving. The zest of the oranges is great, and the texture of the cookies are great. 

1001 Cranberry Nut Cookies (By Domino Sugar)

Source: Domino Sugar

This Domino Sugar recipe is simple, but delicious. What we love about this recipe is that it contains cinnamon which adds the perfect festive flavor to the nuts, cranberry, and orange. These cookies are like Christmas is a sweet treat!

They are really easy to make and feature a minimal amount of ingredients. As it features a ready-made cookie mixture, this speeds up your preparation process, which is useful if you are on a time schedule. 

Cranberry Orange And Pecan Shortbread Cookies (By Fox And Briar)

If you are fed up with regular cookies, then you will want to take into consideration this recipe. These cookies are shortbread based, which is fantastic.

They are perfect for the festive period, and they are arguably tastier than regular cookies. They are full of buttery goodness, and the flavor is divine.

If you want to impress party guests, then we would definitely recommend using this recipe. It features cranberries, orange zest, pecan nuts and vanilla. These ingredients work so well together, and none of the flavors are overpowering. 

The recipe is easy to follow, and is not overly difficult. The ingredients can be sourced easily, and the preparation time is minimal. 

Crackled Cranberry Pecan Cookies (By Taste Of Home)

Last, but certainly not least, we have Taste of Home’s crackles cranberry pecan cookies. These also feature orange, and you can add other mixed fruit to them too for extra flavor.

These cookies are easy to bake, and the preparation time is short. They taste absolutely fantastic when they are still slightly warm from the oven. The taste resembles a fruitcake, making it the perfect snack to eat during the festive period. It also features a small amount of rum – yummy!


We hope that this article has given you some inspiration for the next time you bake cookies. As you can see, there are so many different options to choose from when it comes to cranberries, oranges and nuts.

We personally love these recipes so much, and think they are fantastic options to consider baking.

Which recipe do you want to try first?