The Best Broccoli Steam Rice Recipe We Can Find

When it comes to healthy dishes, the majority are low in carbs. While carbs are a great addition to a meal, and they are needed in a balanced diet, they can be quite calorific. As a result, people often choose to use alternatives to carbs instead.

In recent years, vegetables have been used to resemble carbs, while keeping a meal fairly carb free. While you may be familiar with courgette spaghetti, or cauliflower rice, broccoli steam rice is not as well. 

While broccoli steam rice may be underrated, it is absolutely delicious, and something you will want to consider learning how to make. In all honesty, it is a very easy food to make. It does not require an awful lot of preparation, you do not need many ingredients, and it cooks quickly.

Unlike rice, you do not have the worry of potential food poisoning when it comes to the cooling down process, and it is super healthy for you too. In addition to this, when making broccoli steam rice, if you have a rice cooker, you can use it to create this rice too, which is useful.

In this article, we have included the best broccoli steam rice recipes the internet has to offer. While they are all fairly similar, they do have subtle differences that impact their overall taste. We have tried and recreated all of these recipes, and can confirm that they do taste fantastic. 

Broccoli Rice (By Love And Lemons)

The first broccoli steam recipe we have included was created by Love & Lemons. It is a very simple and foolproof recipe to follow. It is not too complicated, and makes good use of the broccoli stalk. 

A lot of people will throw out this part of the vegetable, thinking that it is not good to eat, but it is. It’s full of crunch and flavor, making it the perfect option for broccoli steamed rice. 

The taste of the broccoli rice is not overpowering, and it has the perfect amount of flavor. The recipe encourages you to add garlic, cilantro, and lime to it, to create the perfect zesty rice substitute. We can confirm that this tastes fantastic. 

The recipe also includes ingredients such as black pepper and cumin for flavor. If you are looking to use some carbs, you can choose to add some brown rice to the recipe too.

Broccoli Rice (By Downshiftology)

This broccoli rice recipe is another great option to consider. It is created by Lisa Brian from Downshiftology. It is a great option to consider if you have an old broccoli you want to use up. 

Again, as the first recipe emphasizes, you want to utilize as much of the broccoli as possible, including the stalk. This recipe included everything you need to know in simple and easy terms to understand. 

When it comes to broccoli rice recipes, a lot of the time, a blender, or food processor is used to create the small pieces of the rice. However, this recipe includes a knife method as an alternative if you do not have a blender, which is useful. The results are still just as great. 

The recipe also provides storage and freezing tips if you are looking to bulk cook the broccoli rice, or use it for meal prepping purposes. 

Easy Broccoli Rice (By Elephantastic Vegan)

As this recipe emphasizes, this is a really easy option to follow. There are only a few different ingredients you need to use, such as lemon juice, oil, salt, and rice if you want to bulk up the rice.

The recipe itself is really easy to follow, and is not overly complicated in any way. The lemon juice adds a good amount of flavor to the dish, and the oil brings out the flavors. 

The preparation time for this recipe is minimal, as is the cooking time. While this recipe includes frying the broccoli, alternatively, you can use a steaming technique instead, and it will taste just as good. 

How To Make Healthy Broccoli Rice (By A Spicy Perspective)

This broccoli rice recipe is a great option to follow if you are eating a paleo or whole 30 diet. It is suitable, and only contains whole and fresh ingredients.

There are no unnecessary additions in the recipe. Being made with broccoli, it is also suitable for keto, low-carb, vegan, and gluten-free diets too.

This recipe teaches you everything you need to know about broccoli rice, including how to cook it, reheat it, and how to make it. It is super easy and simple to follow, and it is a great option to consider. 

The recipe only uses three ingredients: broccoli, olive oil and garlic salt. However, you can use garlic and salt separately if you do not have garlic salt.

This recipe makes six servings, which is a generous amount, and there is plenty to save for another day if you do not need to serve six portions. 

How To Make Riced Broccoli (By It’s A Veg World After All)

While this riced broccoli recipe uses a food processor, alternatively you can use a hand blender or even a knife if you do not own one. Again, this is a super easy and simple recipe to follow. It is not overly complicated in any way, and you only need to follow a few easy steps.

The steaming process is simple, and this recipe produces a generous portion of broccoli rice. The prep time is 5 minus, and there are only 69 calories per portion, which is fantastic. 

How To Make Broccoli Rice (By Green Healthy Cooking)

Again, this is another super quick and simple recipe to follow. It talks you through everything you need to know quickly and concisely.

It is not overcomplicated, and as the recipe suggests using a good processor, you can recreate this dish with no issues. There are no hidden ingredients, and it is a healthy option to consider.

What Is Riced Broccoli: How To Prepare And Use It (By Whole Food Bellies)

Last, but certainly not least, we have the Whole Food Bellies Riced Broccoli recipe. This recipe is suitable for Whole 30 diets, and is grain-free, which is useful if you have food intolerances. 

As with the other options featured, this recipe is easy and simple to follow. It is not overcomplicated, and it is a versatile recipe. It does not need a long preparation time, and the instructions are given in a step-by-step process. 

The recipe can be used alongside curry, in a burrito, or even incorporated into a salad. There are so many uses. 


We hope that you have found this article useful. As you can see, broccoli steam rice is super easy and quick to make. It is a fantastic substitute for rice, and contains far fewer calories. There is no limit to what broccoli steam rice can accompany, and it is a great base for food. 

We particularly enjoy broccoli steam rice when paired with curry or fried vegetables. It is so versatile, and tastes fantastic. What recipe are you going to try first?