The Best Turkey Cheese Ball Recipes We Can Find

If you’re looking for a fun and visually appealing dish for Thanksgiving Day, maybe something Turkey-inspired to stick to the theme…why not try making a turkey cheese ball?

It’s absolutely amazing as an appetizer to the big meal, and it’s also super tasty. The name sort of gives it away, it’s a huge ball of cheese. What sets it apart, is the use of other various ingredients, that are arranged in order to decorate the cheese ball so that it ends up looking like a big fat turkey!

It looks beautiful as the centerpiece of your dining table on Thanksgiving Day, and while family and friends wait for the actual real turkey to come out of the oven, they can snack on this appetizer dish, bit by bit, until there is none of it left! 

There are plenty of recipes for turkey cheese balls, each with its own design and ingredient additions so that the fake turkey looks and tastes its best.

If you want to give it a go, then you can browse through the list we have compiled, as we have found and included the very best turkey cheese ball recipes available online, all of them with very simple instructions that are easy to follow.

Why not, right? Go ahead and pick one, and happy cooking! 

Turkey Cheese Ball Thanksgiving Appetizer, by In the Kids Kitchen

First up on our list of favorite best turkey cheese ball recipes, we have this amazing option the In the Kids Kitchen. With the end result being a super cute turkey made out of cheese (and other ingredients), which is perfect as a Thanksgiving meal appetizer, this recipe offers a shortcut method so that it is super fast to make, and super simple! 

With the use of a pre-made cheese ball, as that is the main ingredient of the turkey cheese ball, this recipe can be made in just five minutes, so it’s super fast to whip up and have on the table, ready to serve to the guests.

The instructions help you decorate the cheese ball, step by step so that it ends up resembling a turkey, and it’s something that children can do, as it is fun and will get them to feel involved within the kitchen! 

Honestly, there’s not much more we can say about this recipe, other than it is well worth giving it a go! 

Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball, by Betty Crocker

If you want to make your turkey cheese ball completely from scratch, without the use of a pre-made cheese ball, then this is an amazing recipe, by Betty Crocker, which you can very easily follow.

The end result is a delicious turkey cheese ball, made with cheddar cheese, bacon, green onions, and all the other ingredients used in the decoration that turned the ball into a turkey. This one is great to serve alongside some warm slices of bread, as well as any other appetizer dishes that you might have prepared, and it never fails to impress the guests! 

The recipe itself has been written to be enough for 24 servings because Thanksgiving is all about sharing with multiple people. It takes around 35 minutes of prep time and a further two hours of cooking time for it to be complete.

The instructions are very easy to follow, and there is also information on the full nutritional value of the dish. We 100% recommend you try this one out! 

Thanksgiving Turkey Cheese Ball, by Handmade in the Heartland

Another amazing turkey cheese ball recipe option is this one found on Handmade in the Heartland, written by Angela Muir. She mentions that this recipe is one of her most popular and that it is always one of the highlights of her Thanksgiving meals, as it is a fun-looking appetizer that all the guests find delicious.

Plus, this turkey cheese ball can be made ahead of time, so that there’s no stress on the actual day of the meal (other than the stress of cooking the real turkey, of course). 

The recipe itself is ideal for serving a full table of guests, and it is very fast to make, so it can be done in no time. It takes around 2o minutes in total and is decorated with a variety of ingredients that turn the cheese ball into a goofy-looking turkey, perfect as an appetizer. 

Turkey Cheese Ball Recipe, by Alyssa Wagner

For an easy to follow recipe that allows you to create a simple yet tasty turkey cheese ball, you can try out this option by Alyssa Wagner. The end result is a unique goofy-looking turkey cheese ball, perfect as the centerpiece appetizer at a Thanksgiving meal. 

This recipe is written to contain 16 servings, which should be enough to feed everyone around the table, although you could adapt the quantities to serve even more people if needed, or simply make multiple cheese ball turkeys.

It takes around 10 minutes of prep time, and then a further two hours between the cooking and chilling. It’s very easy to make, and you can add extra decorations if you want, personalizing your turkey to look the way you want it to! 

Turkey Cheese Ball, by Delish

Source: Delish

If instead of goofy you want more of an adorable and cute-looking turkey cheese ball, then we recommend you try out this recipe found on Delish, written by Kat Boytsova.

With the cheese ball as the main part of the body, the recipe also makes use of carrots, pecans, pretzels, and bell peppers to decorate the dish until it resembles a turkey. Plus, you can use any other ingredients you have on hand, that you think will taste good with the cheese, to complete the look! 

The recipe contains between eight to ten servings, although you can adapt the quantities to make an even bigger turkey cheese ball if needed. It is around 10 minutes of prep time, and then about an hour and a half of cooking time until the dish is ready to serve.

The instructions are very easy to follow, and there is barely any kitchen experience needed in order to be successful with this. It’s perfect as a Thanksgiving meal appetizer, and guests are sure to love it! 

Mini Turkey Cheese Balls, by Super Healthy Kids

Last but not least on our list of best turkey cheese ball recipes, we wanted to include an option for mini servings, so that every guest gets their own entire cheese ball turkey!

These are a lot more convenient for sharing around, and they look super cute on the table as an appetizer option. The end result of this recipe is multiple mini turkey cheese balls, made out of cream cheese, cheddar cheese, sweet dried cranberries, pecans, and any other ingredients you want to add as further decoration. 

These mini turkey cheese balls are also incredibly easy to make, and can be made in just a few minutes, as they take no time at all! In total, you should have them ready within 15 minutes, give or take, so it’s not something you need to stress about on the day, while being a memorable highlight of the meal.