The Best Raw Beets And Raw Butternut Squash Slaw Recipes We Can Find

We all love butternut squash. It’s an incredible and versatile vegetable (although technically, it’s a fruit), with a nutty sweetness and a fantastic texture. When it’s cooked right, it takes on a delicious caramelization that is perfect for heavier dishes. 

Beetroot, on the other hand, is a vegetable with a mixed reputation. Some think it’s purple perfection, and others think it tastes like dirt. If you’re on the “dirt” side of the equation, then you probably haven’t eaten beetroot the right way just yet.

Something that both vegetables have in common is that they can be eaten raw – and not everyone realizes it. There are numerous reasons for eating raw vegetables. Without the cooking process, they can maintain more of the natural nutrients that are packed inside.

But perhaps more importantly, the taste is amazing. Raw foods have bite, crunch, and a freshness that’s unbeatable. The flavors are subtle, with a delicate finish that you’ll find yourself craving on even cool days.

If you’re curious about adding some raw beets and raw butternut squash to your meals, then a slaw is a fantastic way to go about. It takes these vegetables and cuts them down nice and small, so that you can enjoy the crunch in bite-sized pieces.

We’ve rounded up the best raw beets and raw butternut squash slaw recipes around, so you can introduce the wonderful experience of raw veg into your life.

Raw Beet, Butternut, And Pecan Slaw (By The Perfect Pantry)

If you want a slaw that’s a perfect mixture of sweet and sharp, then this raw beet and butternut squash recipe is absolutely perfect. It tastes just like fall in a bowl, with a crunch that mimics the feel of crisp leaves underfoot.

The flavors are layered without being complex, and warming without being heavy. Incredible on its own, but also a wonderful accompaniment to those rich dinners we all crave when the weather starts to turn.

The ingredients list for this recipe is deceptively simple. Raw beets and butternut squash provide the texture, and a delightful blend of sweet and earthy flavorings.

They’re complemented with toasted pecans (which is the only bit of cooking necessary). Toasting brings out a deeper nuttiness, which pairs wonderfully with the sweeter dressing.

The dressing itself is unforgettable – sharp balsamic vinegar, sweet maple syrup, and a touch of heat from Dijon mustard come together to create a balanced sauce that lingers on the tongue. A pinch of cinnamon gives it a seasonal spice.

For owners of a food processor with a shredding option, this is a surprisingly quick recipe to put together. If you’re feeling unsure about raw beets and butternut squash, then this is the recipe to start with.

Easy Raw Beet Slaw (By Phoebe’s Pure Food)

There are a few ingredients in this raw veg slaw that just might take you by surprise. Jam? Fresh fruit? They aren’t the first things we consider when mixing up a dressing. But prepare to be amazed.

Of course, they bring sweetness to the dish, but they also have an inherent sharpness that’s fabulous with the earthy vegetable flavorings.

In this dressing, they’re mixed with smooth extra virgin olive oil, tangy apple cider vinegar, and a heavy helping of Dijon mustard. It’s so delicious, you might find yourself eating it by the spoonful.

But the real star of the show isn’t the dressing, it’s the vegetables that you pour it over. Raw beets and butternut squash are combined with carrots and apple, for a rich mixture of flavors and textures.

Add a hearty sparkling of walnuts (or whatever nuts you choose), and finish with a creamy goats cheese.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like being told what to do in the kitchen, then you’ll love this recipe. There’s plenty of room for experimentation, so you can make the most of what flavors you like.

This variety also makes it a great choice for whipping up with whatever might be on hand.

Raw Beet And Butternut Squash Autumn Salad (By Nourished Kitchen)

Sometimes, it can feel difficult to find new ways of eating the same old vegetables. Many of us have found ourselves in a food rut at some point, making the same recipes with the same processes over and over.

When that happens, we have to search for ways to introduce something new into the diet. This raw beet and butternut squash salad is the perfect way to go about it.

Not only does it encourage you to prepare vegetables in a way we don’t always consider, it also brings some exciting new ingredients to the plate.

If you’ve never tried kombucha tea in a salad before (and honestly, most of us haven’t), this recipe will introduce you to a whole new world of dressings.

Kombucha tea is a fermented drink with a zingy flavoring. It’s become popular with health food lovers all over, thanks to the probiotic content, which can help your gut.

For those who haven’t tasted it, the flavor can seem strange at first. But after that first drink, you’ll find yourself hooked. In this salad, the natural tartness of kombucha is used in place of the vinegar that’s traditionally found in dressings.

Apple And Root Veggie Slaw With Manchego Cheese (By Meal Planning Maven)

If you’ve yet to make manchego a regular fixture on your cheese board, then what have you been waiting for? It’s unlike any other cheese out there. Surprisingly creamy for such a hard cheese, with a sharp top note and a taste that lingers. For a winter slaw, manchego is the perfect finishing touch.

The root veggies in this slaw are beetroot, carrot, and jicama. Jicama is an incredible Mexican vegetable that hasn’t quite gained the popularity it deserves just yet.

Combined with raw butternut squash, the vegetables in this slaw bring that mixture of rich earthiness and light sweetness that’s so perfect for fall.

Prepare them in advance and keep them in water to retain that crispness, so you can have slaw whenever you want.

This slaw is perfectly balanced by the dressing, which has a quick hit of citrus tang. The mixture of lemon and orange juice, which is combined with citrus zest, brings a refreshing burst to the end of every mouthful.

Raw Beet And Butternut Squash Veggie Noodle Salad (By Simple And Savory)

Okay, this might technically be a noodle salad, but it’s so quick and flavorful that you might find yourself eating it like a slaw.

For anyone who doesn’t own a spiralizer, the vegetables are just as good when diced, grated, or matchstick. Thanks to a simple dressing that still packs a punch, this is a versatile salad that can be eaten on its own or served as an accompaniment.

What sets this raw beet and butternut squash apart is the addition of zucchini. This brings a whole new, softer texture, with a meaty finish.

The dressing is simplicity at its finest. Just three ingredients – olive oil, crushed garlic, and lemon juice – are necessary for a fantastic flavor.

A quick salad at lunchtime can get boring day after day, but this new take is sure to pep up your regular routine.