The Best No-Cook Raw Corn And Chilled Shrimp Soup Recipes We Can Find

The Best No-Cook Raw Corn And Chilled Shrimp Soup Recipes We Can Find

When the sun is burning hot, all you want is a cold food to cool you down, but cold food doesn’t just mean smoothies, ice creams or plain boring sandwiches. Soups can be a flavorsome, nutritious, and cooling lunch that keeps you powered as the sun beats down on you.

We have found some fantastic no-cook recipes for cold corn and shrimp soup! Before we dive into these delicious dinners, we want to make sure you know how to prepare your shrimp.

Hot Tip For Chilled Shrimp

Chilled shrimp doesn’t mean uncooked! We want to make it super clear that you will need to cook your shrimp before starting these recipes. If you eat shrimp raw you will be at a high risk of food poisoning and we don’t want to see any of our readers ill!

Shrimp should only be eaten when cooked and hot, or when cooked and chilled. 

For our cold corn and shrimp recipes we recommend you chill the shrimp before starting. Most superstores sell pre-cooked shrimp which are ready to eat. For an actual no-cook recipe, you might want to pick those ones up!

How To Defrost Frozen Shrimp

There are two methods for defrosting shrimp and they are great for both raw shrimp and pre-cooked shrimp.

How To Quickly Defrost Frozen Shrimp

If you have a big bag of shrimp in your freezer, you can quickly cook up the fish before starting any of the recipes below. First take out how many you need and reseal the packaging. Now you can start our quick defrost method:

  1. Put the shrimp into a sieve and pour cold water on them until you can easily move each shrimp around without them being stuck to each other.
  2. Submerge the shrimp for 10 minutes in cold water.
  3. Remove the water, and refill the bowl with fresh cold water. Leave them for 10 to 20 minutes.
  4. Your Shrimp should be completely defrosted but still cold. Pat them dry before cooking.

How To Slowly Defrost Frozen Shrimp

If you know what you’re cooking the day before you start, then this method is the better choice for you. It’s so easy that it doesn’t even need steps!

Just put your shrimp into a clean bowl, cover it with a tea towel, and put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day you can rinse them with cold water and pat them dry before cooking!

No-Cook Raw Corn And Shrimp Chilled Soup Recipe – Let’s Call It “Zen Soup” (By Everyday Southwest)

This delicious no-cook corn and shrimp soup is our favorite from this list. It requires a blender to turn the raw corn into liquid, but because there is no heat applied to the soup, we don’t see that as cooking. Blending is part of the preparation process.

Everyday Southwest suggests using pre-cooked frozen shrimp, which has been thawed the day before, which means you don’t need to cook anything before starting this recipe! Perfect!

The only fresh ingredients you really need come from the Greek yogurt and the avocado. Everything else can be from a can if that makes the preparation easier for you. Plus, this means you only need to whip to the shop to buy two things if the other ingredients are already in your cupboard!

The taste is impressive, and you will wish for more hot days so you can make this soup again and again.

Cold Southwestern Corn And Shrimp Soup (By Martha Stewart)

Here we have a stunning Martha Stewart recipe that will knock the socks off of any of your friends. Again, good old Martha has used a blender, but her recipe only has two steps. 

Ignoring the ingredients, you put almost everything into the blender, and then when the concoction is smooth, you decorate the soup with tomatoes, avocado, and a whole pre-cooked shrimp.

To be honest, the recipe is very similar to Everyday Southwest, but the frozen corn kernels that have been thawed give your soup an added flavor.

Frozen ingredients retain their flavors longer than tinned or fresh ones, as long as they were frozen immediately after being harvested.

We recommend following Martha’s advice and defrost frozen corn at the same time that you defrost your shrimp. 

Chilled Corn And Shrimp Soup (By Framed Cooks)

Source: Framed Cooks

Framed Cooks have created a 15 minute lunch soup that can serve up to four people. It is the perfect treat to whip up for your family after a long summer walk.

Unlike our previous two recipes, Framed Cooks suggest letting your soup chill in the refrigerator for an hour to two before serving. This allows the shrimp taste to soak into the soup, so you get the fishy flavor of this delicious seafood in every sip of the bowl.

Chilled Sweet Corn Soup (By Mantitlement, Recipes Worth Repeating)

Mantitlment’s original recipe doesn’t include shrimp, but we suggest you add it in at the end of the creation, just like you would with Martha Steward’s recipe. What this recipe does have, that the others lack, is the spicy kick of jalapeno!

Not only have Mantitlement suggested adding this hot punch to your cold soup, but they also say to let the ingredients sit for an hour (or three) before blending everything together.

This means that the jalapeno will seep into every ingredient it touches, creating a hot and spicy cold soup!

The juxtaposition is indescribable! You will impress your friends with this hot and cold soup no matter the weather!

Sweet Corn Gazpacho (By The Endless Meal)

The Endless Meal is another no-cook and no-shrimp recipe that will benefit from a bit of adaptation. Throwing in a pre-cooked shrimp at the end of the cooking process will create so much flavor in this tasty soup.

Just like Mantitlment, The Endless Meal suggests adding a jalapeno into their gazpacho for an added kick, but they aren’t so hardcore as to suggest letting it sit with the other ingredients for hours. 

This is excellent news if you’re not ready for that much spice but would enjoy a gentle warmth on your tongue. 

No-Cook Cold South Eastern Corn N Shrimp Soup (By Group Recipes)

Group Recipe’s method to create a no-cook corn and shrimp recipe suggests that you blend the corn yogurt, milk, lime juice, coriander, and cayenne pepper in two batches. This is so that the cayenne pepper and lime juice can properly mix before adding in the milk and yogurt. 

Milk and yogurt are heavy dairy ingredients, which will lessen the overall kick created by the lime juice and cayenne pepper, so you can taste the spicy mix and decide how much diluting but thickening dairy you want to add to your soup.