The Best Sauteed Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Roses Recipes We Can Find

Creating sauteed apple roses is a beautiful challenge that will take you a couple tries to get right. Adding in an oatmeal extra is even more difficult. 

We have found a solution to making apple roses more breakfast-y, and it’s taking out the pastry base and adding the oatmeal base instead.

We couldn’t find any recipes that did this by itself, so instead we will show you how to make an oatmeal crust that you can use while following the other recipes!

It might take a couple tries to get it right, but you’ll be making an edible garden in no time!

Oatmeal Pie Crust {Gluten Free} (By Mama Gourmand)

Oatmeal is naturally gluten free, and they are also super affordable. Mama Gourmand’s recipe includes no rolling and no chilling, so not only are they good for your stomach and your wallet, they are also quick to make!

Once you’ve perfected making the roses recipes below, replace the pastries with this oatmeal crust instead!

Sautéed Apple Rings (By Cooking)

Source: Cooking

Time to get in on that Sautee action! These rings don’t make roses, but if you want to adapt some of the other recipes (which are microwaving their apples…. weird) and add in some extra depth of flavor, then follow Cooking’s recipe!

Crusted Apple Roses (By Preppy Kitchen)

This crusted base can be easily replaced with an oatmeal alternative. Simply ignore the “For the Pâte Sucrée” section of the instructions and make Mama Gourmand’s pastry instead! The rest of the recipe is simple, and you’ll end up with a delicious and gorgeous apple rose!

Baked Apple Roses (By All Recipes)

Source: All Recipes

All Recipes are aiming to make the classic apple rose method easier by eliminating the sauteed frying. Instead, they suggest microwaving the sliced apples for around 45 seconds. This speeds up the cooking process and makes the apples malleable. 

Apple Roses Recipe (By The Seaman Mom)

The Seaman Mom’s recipe involves using a puff pastry strip, lining the apple slices along one side, and making them overlap. Then they tell you to roll the pastry to make an easy rose pattern. If you use the oatmeal pie crust above, this method won’t work.

We suggest following The Seaman Mom with this easy peasy method for a quicker and simpler guide.

Cinnamon Roll Apple Roses Recipe (By Munchkin Time)

Are you a visual learner? Well lucky enough, we have found Munchkin Time’s video tutorial! The tutorial is on youtube and at the bottom of their recipe page. It lasts for 3 minutes and shows you how they follow the same instructions above to create this tasty morning treat!

Apple Roses (By Taste Made)

Source: Taste Made

This recipe only has a handful of flavoring. Basically, they only use lemon, sugar, and cinnamon. It is perfect for a simple and uncomplicated tasting palette for those of us who want a delicate flavor in the morning.

Easy Sauteed Cinnamon Apples (By Mia’s Cucina)

Want more on your plate than just a flower? Add these cinnamon apple chunks around the edible garden you’ve created for a tasty meal that will fill you up!

Deep Fried Apple Roses (By Betty Bossi)

Source: Betty Bossi

Want something less healthy? Check out Betty Bossi’s deep fried apple rose recipe! Maybe this isn’t the breakfast delight you were aiming for, but it would be an amazing Fall snack!

Glazed Puff Pastry Apple Roses (By The Cafe Sucre Farine)

This beautiful recipe created a delicious hand-sized snack straight from the oven. It is another apple rose that will be hard to turn into an oatmeal alternative, but you can try and fold the apples without the pastry if you really want an oatmeal crust.

Apple Rose Tarts Recipe (By Yummy)

Source: Yummy

Yummy’s apple rose recipe creates 6 tarts. You saute the apples instead of microwaving them to create a complex and deep flavor that will go perfectly with a scoop of ice cream. Ice cream might not be the right choice for breakfast, but this holiday treat might be the exception.

Fried Apples (By The Cookie Rookie)

Fried apples are a classic southern treat, and they are the perfect snack after a day of apple picking. The natural sugars in the fruit are harnessed and amplified by the additional sugar, butter, lemon juice, and cinnamon added to the frying ingredients.

Salted Maple Apple Oatmeal (By Breakfast Drama Queen)

Any of these fried apple recipes can be made into a proper breakfast meal when following Breakfast Drama Queen’s method. They use only 3 steps in their instructions for a sweet and cinnamony Fall delight which will keep you going all morning!

Spiced Apple Oatmeal (By Martha Stewart)

After an apple oatmeal breakfast that is less sweet and more spicy? Check out Martha Stewart’s comforting bowl of warmth. This crunchy, sweet, and spicy meal will make you feel nostalgic for an old-fashioned oat dish.

Mini Apple Rose Pies (By Kitchn)

Source: Kitchn

Kitchn suggests using flaky pie crust instead of oatmeal crust for this recipe, but you can be the judge of that. Unlike the other recipes, Kitchn also suggests adding raspberry jam to the drizzle, creating a truly sweet breakfast!

Rose Oatmeal Milk Bath (By Eating Well)

Source: Eating Well

Eating Well’s recipe only has one step. You read that right, just one! And that one step doesn’t include a 3 paragraph method either. They basically say to add the ingredients to a food processor, put the food in a bag with water and then leave it overnight.


Apple Roses With Puff Pastry Recipe (By Vege Cravings)

Vege Cravings is another website that suggests using puff pastry instead of oatmeal, and their reasons are due to the ease of creating the rose effect.

If you are looking at the word “Vege” and wondering how they make a vegan puff pastry, then we have to hold your horses. “Vege” is meant to mean “veggie,” so don’t be confused when you see that this recipe isn’t vegan safe.

Cinnamon Roll Apple Rose Tart (By Tip Buzz)

Source: Tip Buzz

Want more than a cupcake-sized apple rose?  Don’t worry, Tip Buzz has your back! They have created an easy-to-follow recipe that helps you make a massive pie that can serve 6 people!

Baked Apple Rings (By Strudel & Schnitzel)

Strudel and Schnitzel say that their recipe for baked apple rings is a medium-level difficulty, but we will have to disagree! They have created an easy-to-follow recipe that anyone can pick up. And you end up with a delicious morning treat!

10 Minute Apple Pie Oats (By Berry Sweet Life)

Overnight oats mean planning in advance, and a lot of us don’t have time for that kind of thinking. Instead, pick up Berry Sweet Life’s quick 10 minute recipe, broken down into a 5 minute preparation time and a 5 minute cooking time.