The Best Sweet Potato Brownie Recipes We Can Find

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love brownies. Brownies are one of the most delicious and satisfying foods in the world. But that comforting taste comes with a price, as most brownies are jam-packed with sugar, which can take its toll on the body over time.

So, what can you do when you’re watching what you eat, but craving a soft and sweet brownie? Luckily, you don’t have to give them up for good!

You can reduce your sugar intake by swapping regular brownies for sweet potato ones. You won’t be able to taste the vegetables at all! Sweet potatoes are also packed with fiber, iron, and vitamin C, so they’re great to include in your diet.

If you’re interested in some healthier, but tasty brownie recipes, keep reading. We’ve put together a list of the best sweet potato recipes we could find online. You’ll definitely find something to your taste below!

Sweet Potato Brownies – Ultra Fudgy! (By Chocolate Covered Katie)

First up, we have the classic sweet potato brownie. The sweet potato keeps the brownies soft and moist, without the need for oil or butter. Other than being delicious, these are suitable for a range of diets. This recipe is vegan, gluten-free, and low-calorie too!

You can also make them nut-free by swapping nut butter for sunflower seed butter. Each brownie has a little extra protein from the peanut butter, so these are great if you want a treat after the gym.

If you’re looking for a brownie that fits your diet plan, or just a healthier way to eat brownies, you have to give this recipe a go.

4 Ingredient Flourless Sweet Potato Brownies (By The Big Man’s World)

If you’re short on time, this recipe is for you! You only need four ingredients to make these brownies: sweet potato, maple syrup, almond butter, and cocoa powder. You probably have most of these sitting in your cupboard already!

It’s so easy to put these brownies together, just blend the ingredients, pour the batter into a pan, and bake. Simple!

They’re also egg-free, Paleo, and free from refined sugars. If you prefer easy recipes, or are just curious about trying sweet potato brownies, this recipe is one for you.

Sweet Potato Brownies (By Healthy Little Foodies)

A lot of brownies contain a lot of sugar, which is not just bad for you, but your children too. Luckily, there is a solution!

These brownies are sweetened with just two ingredients: dates and honey. They keep the brownies sweet, without all of the nasty sugar. Your kids will love these, and you won’t be worried about their sugar intake! These aren’t just for children though. The dates add a caramel-like taste that adults will love.

At just 53 calories a brownie, they’re perfect if you’re watching your weight too. You’ll love this recipe if you prefer natural ingredients or are staying away from artificial sugars.

Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe (By All Recipes)

Source: All Recipes

If you’re still not convinced about sweet potato brownies, this recipe is for you. This is a typical brownie recipe with standard ingredients, like flour, eggs, butter, and sugar.

You just need to add a grated sweet potato to the mix. These won’t be low-calorie, but you’ll still get the health benefits of sweet potatoes.

Chopped pecans make these brownies taste just like normal ones, while a sugar and butter glaze makes each piece beautifully indulgent. These are perfect if you’d like to try vegetable brownies, but don’t know where to start.

Sweet Potato Ginger Brownies (By Civilized Caveman)

There’s nothing like adding cinnamon or nutmeg to your brownie mix. A little ginger though, and you’ll be in heaven.

Ginger may not be the first spice you think of when making brownies, but it gives a little zing to each piece, especially when combined with dark chocolate. You can use a normal sweet potato or a large purple one for this one.

These are fine if you’re on a low-carb diet, as there’s no flour or sugar involved. Just be careful with the amount of honey you add, as this could rack up the carbs.

Skillet Sweet Potato Brownies (Paleo & Gluten-Free) (By Fit Foodie Finds)

Hate washing up? These brownies are made using a skillet and a mixing bowl, which saves time cleaning up afterward. These are made to share, so you and your family will love digging into these brownies straight out of the pan!

They’re also completely grain-free, so you can eat them on the Paleo diet. You’ll need to make sweet potato puree for these, but if you’re short on time, feel free to use canned puree. Sweetened with maple syrup and coconut sugar, these taste phenomenal, without any artificial ingredients!

Chocolate Orange Sweet Potato Brownies (By Goodie Goodie Lunchbox)

Some love orange and chocolate, while some absolutely hate it. If you love it, this recipe will become one of your favorites! These chocolate orange brownies are packed with flavor, with extra nutrition from the sweet potato.

Wholemeal flour adds fiber, while maple syrup keeps them sweet, without the sugar. These brownies are good for you! This is just like a traditional brownie recipe. The only difference is mashed sweet potato and a little orange zest.

If you’re tired of typical brownies and want to try something different, give this recipe a try!

Gluten-Free Marbled Sweet Potato Brownies (By A Lil’ Sweet, Spice, & Advice)

Want something that looks as good as it tastes? These brownies are soft, fudgy, and look spectacular. Sweet potato, cream cheese, and spices are mixed, then swirled inside a decadent brownie batter.

The marbled effect looks professional, but is easy to do! These brownies use gluten-free flour, so this is a great recipe to try if you’re celiac or staying away from gluten.

If you’re on a diet, stay away from this one! Cream cheese, butter, and organic cane sugar taste divine, but can easily pile on the pounds. This is a recipe for every once in a while, so if you’re looking to treat yourself, try this recipe out!

Gingerbread Sweet Potato Blondies (By Goodie Goodie Lunchbox)

There are some that like brownies and some that prefer blondies. If you prefer white chocolate, this is the recipe for you. Blondies taste delicious, but it’s easy to overdo the chocolate when making them!

These are perfect if you’re watching your sugar intake, as the recipe only needs a small amount of maple syrup and white chocolate.

The sweet potato also adds extra fiber and vitamin C. You won’t find these health benefits in regular blondies! Ground ginger, cinnamon, and a dusting of icing sugar make these blondies taste just like gingerbread.

If you’re looking for a holiday dessert or a light summertime treat, these are the ones to try.

Sweet Potato Chocolate Protein Brownies (By Food For Fitness)

When you’re trying to exercise more, it can be hard to find treats that fit your lifestyle. Fortunately, these brownies are great to have after the gym. Filled with chopped nuts, cocoa powder, and oats, these taste just like regular brownies.

The chocolate whey powder adds the protein you need after a hard workout. Sweet potato adds moisture while keeping the calories down.

You’ll also be fuller for longer, thanks to fiber from the oats and sweet potato. With only 144 calories in each brownie, you’ll love these if you’re watching what you eat.