The Best Potato Leek Soup Recipes We Can Find

Potato leek soup appears to be a classic across several nations from a traditionally rich and creamy potato and leek French soup to a warming and hearty traditional Irish potato and leek soup.

The difference lies in extra added ingredients that hold the power to completely change the shape and purpose of the dish.

A favorite for a winter warmer, the potato leek soup is simple but tasty. Packed full of flavor and nutritional goodness it’s an easy and quick way to getting a filling and hassle-free meal. 

Simply putting together potatoes and leeks will result in a bland and tasteless dish. What makes this potato leek soup so favorable is the added ingredients.

To stop you from experimenting with making up your recipe and going along with the flow to end up with a bowl of plain soup, we’ve put together the 10 best potato and leek soups for you. 

Potato Leek Soup (By Once Upon A Chef)

Once Upon a Chef offers a classic heartwarming French potato and leek soup. This is the perfect dish to curl up by a roaring fire in the middle of winter.

This potato and leek soup or potage parmentier contains a few simple ingredients, potatoes, leeks, seasoning, herbs, and cream for added richness. 

This recipe offers clear step-by-step instructions to follow as well as added information on what the recipe could be paid with and how to store it after cooking. 

This is a great recipe for the whole family as it serves 6. It takes only 25 minutes of preparation and 40 minutes of cooking time, giving enough time for you to sit back and relax.  

Potato Leek Soup (By Tasty)

Source: Tasty

Tasty offers a buttery and creamy potato leek soup fragranced with aromatic herbs. This dish is a great option for a warming winter dinner. Packed full of flavor, this dish contains added hot sauce for a little extra kick which is nicely complemented by the sweetness of the leeks. 

This recipe offers a wealth of information with added tips from people who have already tried the recipe. They offer great alternatives and nifty tricks on how to switch up the recipe. This is a great dish if you want something you can add your touch to. 

This recipe is a great choice if you are feeding a large family as it serves 8 and only takes 45 minutes to prepare and cook. Or, cook it for yourself and freeze it for continued enjoyment throughout the week.

Potato Leek Soup III (By All Recipes)

Source: All Recipes

All recipes offer a creamy potato leek soup with a really strong leek flavor. This is a recipe for all leek lovers. This recipe includes cream for added texture and extra richness and is great paired with some sourdough bread on the side. 

This is a really simple recipe, great for those days when you want something filling and delicious but don’t have the time to be spending hours prepping. With only a couple of ingredients included, this recipe only takes 15 minutes to prepare. 

This recipe is great as it includes an option that finds the closest store near you with the ingredients you need for the recipe. 

Potato And Leek Soup (By Taste)

Source: Taste

Taste offers a simple yet delicious potato and leek soup great for the whole family. This recipe offers a selection of alternative potatoes to enable you to choose what kind of texture and flavor you want to go for. 

This recipe is a great option for vegetarians as it doesn’t include any meat stock, only vegetable stock. Removing the cream would also make this a vegan-friendly option. 

This recipe offers simple step-by-step instructions to follow and contains ingredients that are easily accessible. 

This recipe serves 4. It takes 15 minutes to prep and 35 minutes to cook making it a great weekday choice of something quick and easy. 

Leek & Potato Soup (By BBC Good Food)

BBC Good Food offers a classic comforting winter soup using seasonal and local vegetables. This potato and leek soup or Vichyssoise is a classic French potato and leek soup that is traditionally served chilled, however, this recipe serves it hot making it ideal for the winter months. 

With French inspiration, this thick and creamy recipe contains butter, whipping cream, and full-fat milk. This is a dish to indulge over and to curl up with. This dish is nicely paired with Irish soda bread. 

The recipe offers easy step-by-step instructions and helpful alternatives for a vegetarian option. This is a great recipe for the whole family as it serves 6-8 and takes 45 minutes in total for preparation and cooking time.  

Enjoy this recipe hot or cold.

Traditional Irish Leek And Potato Soup (By The View From Great Island)

The View from Great Island offers an authentic traditional Irish leek and potato soup recipe. Inspired by the Irish countryside, this dish offers satisfying and warming flavors.

Drizzled with soured cream, fresh herbs, and a large slice of soda bread, this is an authentic farmhouse dish.

Centered around simplicity and freshness, this recipe is ideal for anyone looking for something tender and warm to dig into. 

For all the meat lovers, this recipe suggests adding crispy bacon or diced ham to the dish to top it off. Giving the option to puree into a smooth consistency or leave it rough and authentic, this dish can be dressed up or down to suit. 

This recipe serves 6 and only takes 10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. 

Creamy Vegan Potato Leek Soup (By Vegan Huggs)

Source: Vegan Huggs

Vegan Huggs offers a creamy vegan potato and leek soup infused with herbs. This rich recipe brings out the natural flavors of the contained ingredients.

This recipe brings out the creaminess of the potatoes blended with rosemary for added aroma and an added touch of coconut milk for a thicker texture. 

This recipe caters to dietary requirements for people who are vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free. Packed full of nutritional benefits this dish offers a great source of vitamins, healthy fats, and antioxidants making it the perfect guilt-free dish. 

This is a great dish for a comforting night in and getting cozy in the winter months. Vegan Huggs offer great topping ideas and information about how to store this dish. 

This dish serves 6 and takes a total of 50 minutes to prepare and cook. 

Leek And Potato Velvet Soup (By Akis Petretzikis)

Akis Petretzikis offers a beautiful velvety leek and potato. This dish is perfect for an appetizer for a sit-down meal or an occasion. With all the ingredients fully blended, this dish offers a rich consistency.

A dish to indulge in and made with love and detail, this recipe contains saute onions and leeks for added flavor. 

This recipe uses a handful of easily accessible ingredients making it economical, easy to make, and hassle-free. 

This dish serves 4 and takes only 15 minutes preparing and 25 minutes cooking time. 

Leek & Potato Soup With Cheesy Marmite Toastie (By Gousto Cookbook)

Gousto Cookbook offers a quirky twist on peek and potato soup that you’ll ‘either love or hate.’ 

This dish is served with cheesy marmite toasties. 

This dish is the ultimate comfort dish served with a dollop of marmite mixed in with the creaminess of the leek and potato soup. This mouthwatering combination is a show-stopper. 

This is an ideal dish for vegetarians and marmite lovers. Served with two ciabattas, this is a great dish for a filling meal. 

Serving 2 and only taking 20 minutes to prepare and cook, this is the perfect dish for a date night or a treat for a night in. 

Potato Leek Soup (By Simply Recipes)

Simply Recipes offers a thick and creamy classic potato leek soup, without the cream. Instead, this recipe is pureed to bring out the creamy texture and sweetness of the potatoes. 

This recipe is quick and easy to make and simple to follow. It includes really helpful tips on the types of potato to use for this dish along with preparation advice, storage advice, and ideas on what to serve the soup with. 

This recipe is conscious of dietary requirements and caters to vegetarians. 

With a sprinkle of chili sauce, this dish has a little bit of a kick for added heat. This dish serves 4-6 people and takes a total of 60 minutes to prepare and cook.