The Best Peaches And Cream Recipes We Can Find

Peaches and cream. A dessert that sounds just as delicious as it tastes. It’s light and refreshing on warm days, but soft and satisfying in the cold.

Peaches and cream dishes are pretty simple to put together, so there can’t be many variations out there, right?

Wrong! There are loads of different peaches and cream recipes that you can try! There are cool and refreshing options, others that are quick to assemble, and some that can fit specific diet plans.

If you love the taste of peaches and cream, keep reading on. We’ve put together some of the best peaches and cream recipes we could find online.

No matter what your preferences are, you’ll find a new favorite recipe below.

Peaches & Cream – Erren’s Kitchen

First up, we have a classic peach and cream recipe. Butter, sugar, and fresh peaches make this recipe purely decadent. Heating these ingredients together makes a gorgeous syrup that envelops the peaches.

Both white and brown sugar provide sweet, caramel-like flavors to the dish. Combined with sweetened cream and topped with toasted almonds, this is a truly indulgent recipe. For a luxurious take on classic peaches and cream, you have to give this one a go.

Almond Grilled Peaches & Cream (Vegan + GF) – Wallflower Kitchen

Vegan’s may have had to miss out on peaches and cream in the past, but not this time! Using coconut milk ice cream means this recipe is vegan and gluten-free.

Perfect for winter evenings, the ripe peaches are served warm, fresh off the grill. Coated with a blend of maple syrup and almond extract, this dish is sweet, nutty, and juicy.

Topped with vegan ice cream and crisp almonds, even your non-vegan friends will adore this dessert. If you’re looking for an alternative to peaches and cream that still tastes amazing, try this recipe out.

Creamy Peach & Honey Popsicles – Cookie & Kate

Peach and cream dishes are great in summer, but what about those really hot, scorching days? These popsicles will cool you down in an instant!

You need fresh and ripe peaches for this one. Blended with lemon to make a tangy, but sweet puree, the peaches look just as delicious as they taste. Honey sweetened Greek yogurt mixes with the puree for a creamy, luxurious feel.

Just be sure that you don’t leave out the sea salt! The salt enhances the fresh and sweet flavors in each popsicle. Try this recipe for a dessert that’s perfect for blazing hot afternoons.

Peaches & Cream Pavlovas – Food52

Source: Food52

Meringues are a great addition to many fruits, but layered with peaches and cream, they’re heavenly! These pavlovas are easier to prepare than they look. You’ve probably got all the ingredients sitting in your cupboard already!

For the meringues, you just need egg whites, sugar, salt, and lemon. That’s it! You will need to set aside an hour to make these, but it’s worth it for the amazing flavors you’ll taste afterward. Sugar, pepper, and salt are sprinkled on the fruit.

Don’t be put off by the pepper, as it gives the peaches a woody, pleasant edge. Topped with swirls of whipped cream and peach syrup, this is great if you’re craving something light, but satisfying.

Peaches and Cream Marshmallow Dream – SBS

Source: SBS

Peaches and cream are great to eat, but have you thought about drinking them instead? This shake is rich, fruity, and velvety.

If you’re watching your weight, keep away from this one! Vanilla ice cream, buttercream frosting, and thick cream do rack up the calories, but make this shake unbelievably tasty. Dried peaches and wafers sprinkled on whipped cream make the shake look as good as it tastes.

If you want to make your shake look really special, the recipe also uses cinnamon donuts, marshmallow balls, and caramel syrup as toppings. If you’re looking for a treat to have once in a while, you’re going to love this recipe.

Baked Peaches with Maple Syrup, Cinnamon, and Brown Sugar – Well Plated

Source: Well Plated

This one is perfect for any occasion. If you haven’t tried warm peaches baked in an oven, you’ll want to now! Fresh and juicy peaches are cut in half and baked until tender. Each half is loaded with an olive oil and maple syrup filling.

Alcohol is optional, but a little rum drizzled on top combines well with the brown sugar and cinnamon. Delicate, comforting, and tasty, this is a great dish to serve, whatever the weather.

Peaches and Cream Recipe (With Cognac!) – Christina’s Cucina

Cognac has fantastic flavors that will satisfy a lot of taste buds. When it’s drunk, you’ll notice fruity, citrus notes with a slight spiciness. These flavors taste amazing when combined with peaches and cream.

This recipe needs at least half an hour to prepare, as peach slices need time to marinate in sugar-sweetened cognac. Fresh cream is poured over the slices, taking the edge off the liquor, leaving behind a sweet, caramel aftertaste.

Cognac also stops the peaches from going brown, so you can prepare this dessert in advance and serve it at the end of the day.

No-Bake Peaches and Cream Dessert – Cakes Cottage

No-bake recipes are great, as they just need preparing, time to set, then they’re done! This peaches and cream recipe is served in layers of peaches, creamy cheesecake, and graham cracker crust.

The crust is made by blending graham crackers and mixing with butter. You don’t need to bake the crust at all, but you can if you prefer a crispier finish.

Fresh peaches are best to use with this recipe, as canned ones have too much syrup that can affect how the dessert sets. Peaches are sandwiched between each layer and placed on top. This gives a tangy contrast next to the sweet cream and crust.

This is a great recipe if you want the peaches and cream flavor, but served up as a substantial, hearty dessert.

Peaches and Cream Panna Cotta – Ang Sarap

Source: Ang Sarap

If you want a sweet dish full of flavor you can make in a few minutes, you’ll love this recipe. This peaches and cream panna cotta is an Italian dessert that only needs a few minutes to prepare.

You can use any fruits you’d like, but you can trust that the combination of peaches and cream will always taste amazing. Cream, vanilla, and gelatine mix to make a base jelly. It’s then topped with a blended puree of peaches, lemon juice, and sugar.

Lemon gives the panna cotta a sharpness that accompanies well with the vanilla cream base. When placed in a small glass, vibrant orange peaches layered over bright white cream look amazing.

If you need to serve a dessert that looks as good as it tastes, this recipe is sure to turn heads!

Peaches and Cream Cheesecake Trifle – Taste

Source: Taste

Peaches and cream taste great paired with just each other, but they can go well with other fruits too! This trifle layers brightly colored peaches, raspberries, and orange rind on top of jam sponge rolls.

The fruit gives off gorgeous strong flavors, but cinnamon, maple syrup, and flaked almonds provide a sweet, nutty contrast. A little sherry is added to a raspberry sauce that is drizzled on top, seeping through each of the trifle’s layers.

You’ll still get the peaches and cream taste that you love, with a little extra flavor from the raspberries and syrup. This is one to share, so keep this recipe in mind when you’re inviting others around!