The Best Grapefruit Gelato Recipes We Can Find

When it comes to making dessert, the possibilities are practically limitless. Sweet is usually the way to go if you want most people to enjoy it, but that doesn’t exactly narrow it down that much, does it? 

Lately, we’ve come across many recipes for grapefruit gelato. At first, it sounds kind of weird, but trust us, it’s absolutely delicious. 

Gelato is obviously ice cream (just in case you didn’t know), and grapefruit is…well, grapefruit. Making grapefruit gelato provides you with a refreshing and light dessert that is full of flavor, and that cools down the tongue after a hefty meal. And it doesn’t even have to be for dessert really, it can be a snack or a summery refreshment! 

But how do you make your own grapefruit gelato, so that it actually tastes good? Well, as we mentioned, we’ve come across quite a few recipes for this tasty ice cream option, and we’ve compiled our favorites into a list so that you have the very best to choose from!  

Homemade Grapefruit Gelato (By Recipe Me)

Source: Recipe Me

If you’re going to make grapefruit gelato yourself, you’re going to need a good homemade recipe, and this is by far our favorite! You can make it with an ice cream maker or without (if you do have one then use it, as it makes the process a lot faster and it means you can get to the eating part sooner!) 

Now, Tyler, the writer of Recipe Me, has plenty of experience and goes on about his personal connection to Italy and gelato, and why this grapefruit ice cream treat is so special and delicious. So definitely trustworthy. 

The recipe itself serves four people, although you can easily adapt the measurements to serve fewer people (or more). The prep time is 30 minutes, and there’s no cooking because…it’s ice cream. So within half an hour, you can have this delicious dessert ready to go!

Broiled Grapefruit Gelato (By Wonky Wonderful)

The Wonky Wonderful, written by Nicole, is all about making delicious food for family and friends, and this broiled grapefruit gelato recipe is advertised as the perfect summery treat to keep the family happy, and the friends impressed.

And although grapefruit ice cream might sound unappealing, especially since grapefruit can be quite acidic, Nicole assures us that after this gelato has been made, the flavor is mellow and refreshing. 

The recipe has been written for one serving, making it super simple to adapt to the exact number of people you want to treat with ice cream.

The prep time takes around 20 minutes, and there is a cooking time of 10 minutes (yeah we know, cooking in an ice cream recipe sounds counterintuitive, but just trust the process). So within half an hour, you have this delicious dessert treat ready to serve! 

Grapefruit Curd Ice Cream (By Savory Simple)

Savory Simple is an amazing food blog written by Brandy, who very much enjoys cooking, and it’s full of amazing recipes.

The one we’ve chosen from her, for grapefruit curd ice cream, is one of the best for making this cold dessert treat. If you follow the instructions, you should end up with smooth and rich ice cream, with a custard consistency.

The grapefruit flavoring is a perfect balance of sweet, tart, and bitter, and it’s 100% delicious! 

There is plenty of advice and little tips and tricks within the explanation of the recipe, in order to help you succeed at this grapefruit curd ice cream, even if you have little to no experience in the kitchen.

The recipe itself is written to fill up six and a half cups of ice cream, but you can adapt the measurements and quantities in accordance with the number of people you will be serving.

It takes around 20 minutes of prep time, and then a further 25 minutes of cooking time. This means that for a total of around 45 minutes, this grapefruit gelato recipe is slightly longer than the others we have already mentioned.

However, it’s not that much longer, and it is definitely worth the extra wait for an amazing and mouth watering result. 

Grapefruit Sorbet Recipe (By She Wears Many Hats)

“She Wears Many Hats” might seem like a weird blog in which to find a good recipe on how to make grapefruit sorbet. However, Amy, the writer, really likes hats, along with travel, and more importantly, food!

She explains that she has encountered grapefruit sorbet quite a few times while traveling to different places, and every single time it has been delicious and an absolute treat. So in the end, she figured out how to make it herself, and has shared the entire recipe with all who need it! 

This recipe takes around 20 minutes of prep time, and 20 minutes of cook time. Which really isn’t that much at all. However, you then have to leave it for around 6 hours in the freezer, so it’s a bit of a wait before you can give it a taste.

Nevertheless, leaving it to freeze for a sufficient amount of time means that it’s firm and in shape, with intense delicious flavors that will cool you down no matter how hot the summer is. 

Pink Grapefruit Sorbet (By My Recipes)

Source: My Recipes

This pink grapefruit sorbet recipe, found on My Recipes and written by Jackie Mills, is one we absolutely recommend if you want a proper refreshing sorbet treat full of grapefruit flavor. It is a palate-cleansing sorbet, and the sugar tames the tartness of the grapefruit so that it tastes just right.

It is incredibly simple to make, and each serving provides you with two-thirds of your recommended daily amount of vitamin C, so it’s technically also healthy! Plus, it only has 145 calories, so no need to feel guilty afterward. 

The recipe has been written to serve six people, although you can easily adapt the quantities accordingly. The entire process should take less than two hours, and that is with having left it in the freezer for a whole hour so that it becomes firm and cold.

Honestly? It’s the perfect combination of tasty and healthy, accessible to make even with limited kitchen experience. 

Grapefruit Sherbet (By Everyday Reading)

Last, but not least, on our list of favorite grapefruit gelato recipes, we have this delicious grapefruit sherbet recipe by Everyday Reading, written by Janssen. And we’ve got to say, we’ve saved the easiest for last, because this recipe is one of the simplest on our list, and requires very few steps to complete. 

The recipe takes around 10 minutes of prep time, and then you simply leave it in the freezer to cool down and become firm for about two hours. So you can be enjoying this tasty dessert in very little time, and it’s absolutely worth the freezer wait time so that it’s truly refreshing. 

It is then best served in a bowl, accompanied by any other treats you wish to combine with it!