The Best Eggs In Avocado Slices Recipes We Can Find

Eggs are a timeless and forever popular option for when it comes to eating breakfast, first thing in the morning. They’re full of protein, they can be cooked in many different ways, and they’re delicious!

Avocado, meanwhile, has become increasingly popular and has made itself into one of the trendiest breakfast options for those looking for something both healthy and delicious, to be served in many ways. 

But what if you have both eggs and avocado, at the same time? Well, not only does that make for a powerful and healthy breakfast, full of flavor, it also helps you start the day in the best way possible!

Mixing eggs with avocado promotes the synthesis of stress-reducing hormones, as they provide some essential amino acids that facilitate the production of dopamine. You know, the hormone of happiness and pleasure. 

So basically, putting some eggs in your avocado slices is an amazing idea. And the best thing is that there are plenty of recipes on how to make eggs in avocado slices so that you can experiment with different variations, to ensure it never becomes boring! 

Let’s take a look at the best eggs in avocado slices recipes that we’ve been able to find.

Avocado Egg-In-A-Hole (By Rian Handler)

Source: Rian Handler

This is one of the absolute best recipes we could find for avocado and eggs, and it is one that we highly recommend you try out!

Rian Handler is an experienced food writer, with plenty of recipes under her belt, and she runs you through each step of the recipe in an easy-to-understand way so that there is no stress involved! 

The recipe itself is designed to serve four people (although you can easily adapt the quantity of food to serve fewer or more people!)

It takes around 10 minutes of prep time, and then the recipe should be fully complete in 20 minutes, leaving you to enjoy a healthy and delicious breakfast, ready to tackle the day ahead. 

The end result is a delicious avocado egg-in-a-hole, with some extra ingredients to make it all the better. As for the nutrition per serving, it is 340 calories, 12g of protein, 10g of carbohydrates, 7g of fiber, 30g of fat, 9g of saturated fat, and 240mg of sodium. 

Avocado Fried Egg (By Jerry James Stone)

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-follow recipe that merges avocados and eggs into one delicious breakfast, then this recipe by Jerry James Stone is absolutely the one for you.

It’s simple and quick, with the recipe being a Californian kind of twist on the traditional egg in the whole breakfast. Instead of bread, Jerry James Stone uses a thick slice of avocado, and you can easily add any extras that you want on top! 

The recipe has been written to serve one person, so it’s super easy to adapt the quantities to serve more if you want. And as we said, it is very quick to make, as it is only 3 minutes of prep time, and 5 minutes of cooking time. A whopping 8 minutes total, so there’s always time for this breakfast!

It is fully vegetarian (unless you add non-vegetarian ingredients of your choosing on top of the recipe), and the end result is a delicious egg in avocado slices breakfast, both healthy and delicious. 

Oh, and the recipe comes with an amazing video that you can follow along so that the process is even easier! Plus you can then see exactly what the end result is supposed to look like. 

Avocado Egg-In-A-Hole (By Teresa Sabga)

Source: Teresa Sabga

Avocado egg-in-a-hole is one of the most common ways of cooking eggs in avocado slices, and it makes for a delicious breakfast.

But Teresa Sabga takes it a step further, and adds a little twist to this recipe, turning into what she describes as the franken sandwich you deserve in the morning.

That’s because you won’t just be cooking an egg within an avocado, you will be cooking an egg within an avocado within a slice of bread! 

The recipe has been written so that it serves 1 person, meaning it can easily be adapted to serve more if you want, without much maths involved. It is also a very fast recipe that can be done in no time.

It is a mere 2 minutes of prep time, and 8 minutes of cooking time. So in just 10 minutes, you can have your delicious breakfast made and ready to be eaten, super convenient! 

The step-by-step instructions of this recipe are very easy to follow, as it is a very simple recipe in itself. And the beauty of it is that you can add extra ingredients and complications if desired so that it better matches your taste and preferences! 

Paleo Baked Eggs In Avocado (By Nyjen)

Source: Nyjen

This recipe is one of the most unique ones we found when it comes to combining an egg with a slice of avocado. The recipe uses the contrast between the soft fresh avocado, and the creaminess of a poached egg, to provide you with a very satisfying, healthy, and delicious breakfast.

And honestly? The picture at the top of the recipe is enough to make our mouths water, you absolutely have to try this. 

The recipe itself is pretty simple, with Nyjen providing very clear and easy-to-follow instructions so that you don’t really need a lot of cooking experience in order to succeed. It serves two people in total, but you can easily adapt it to one person, or to more.

The recipe takes around 10 minutes of prep time, and then around 15 minutes of cooking time. So in total, it takes about 25 minutes, which is slightly longer than other recipes we have gone over, but absolutely worth the wait.  

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs And Avocado Slices On Toast (By For The Love Of Cooking)

If you want a very easy and simple recipe that combines eggs with avocado slices, but you also want it to taste delicious and as though a lot of effort has been put into it, then this recipe is the one.

The blog, For the love of cooking, really does showcase a love for cooking, and the recipe comes with easy-to-follow instructions and even a printable sheet with all the key information. 

The recipe has been written to serve two people, but you can easily adapt the quantities to serve more if you’re doing brunch with friends or family.

The prep time is 5 minutes, the cooking time is also 5 minutes, and so the total time is a mere 10 minutes within which you have the breakfast made and ready to be eaten!

The end result is fluffy scrambled eggs on toast, paired with some fresh avocado slices, all seasoned with some salt and pepper to taste. 

Avocado And Eggs (By Yumna Jawad)

Source: Yumna Jawad

If you want to make some eggs in avocado, paired with some toast, then Yumma Jawad offers you not one, but four full recipes with different variations, allowing you to choose the method and result most suited to your preferences. 

All four recipes are incredibly simple and fast to make, high in protein, and absolutely delicious. The toast and avocado pretty much remain the same throughout all four options, and it’s the eggs that change, with different methods of being cooked and served.

It definitely gives you enough to switch up the same breakfast throughout the week!