The Best Tandoori Rainbow Carrot Recipes We Can Find

When you are planning to cook a meal for anyone, the main focus is often the main course, and because of this it is very easy for the side dishes to become an oversight. This is a shame because it is often the side dishes that accompany a meal that make it that much better. So, if you are hosting a dinner party, or simply cooking for your family, remember just how important these are. 

One of the best side dishes is undoubtedly tandoori rainbow carrots. If you are eating a plain meal, then this side dish can add a lot of flavor to the course, and likewise it can perfectly complement a spicier dish too. So, if you are planning a meal for somebody, it is likely that you have considered serving this delicacy. 

If you have thought about making tandoori rainbow carrots, then it is likely that you are on the hunt for a great recipe. There are lots of different options out there, so we have compiled this list of the best tandoori rainbow carrot recipes we can find. 

But, it is worth noting, most of these recipes do not state that they are to be made with rainbow carrots, so all you need to do is swap out the regular carrots for rainbow carrots, then follow the recipe to the letter. So, to find the perfect recipe for your dinner party, keep on reading. 

Tandoori Oven Roasted Carrots | wellseasonedstudio

First up, we have this yummy ‘tandoori oven roasted carrots’ recipe by wellseasonedstudio. If you want a classic tandoori recipe, then this is absolutely perfect for you. This recipe is by no means straightforward, and for a side dish it is actually pretty complex.

But, the taste of this recipe is unlike any other that you will ever try, so it would be criminal not to give this recipe a go. With a wide range of ingredients, this recipe is packed with flavor, and it takes a vegetable that could be considered boring, and makes it new and exciting. So, if you are looking for a tandoori rainbow carrot recipe, you need to try this one out. 

“Tandoori” Carrots with Vadouvan Spice | epicurious

Source: epicurious

Another outstanding recipe to try out is this ‘“tandoori” carrots with vadouvan spice’ recipe by epicurious. While this recipe can make an outstanding side dish, it can also make a great snack, and even a main course for vegetarian friends/family.

This is mainly because this recipe also includes a yogurt addition to the carrots, which makes it feel like a larger meal. In contrast to the last recipe that we looked at, this one is actually fairly straightforward to make, and it is great if you want to quickly throw a dish together. So, you should definitely consider this yummy recipe as an option. 

Tandoori Carrots with Carrot Purée | weightwatchers

If Tandoori carrots alone is not enough for you, then you should check out this ‘tandoori carrots with carrot purée’ recipe by weightwatchers. As you would expect, not only is this recipe really yummy, it is also super healthy, and a safe option if you are following a weightwatchers diet.

This recipe takes a little while to cook, so you will need to prepare it in advance, but it tastes outstanding. It contains ingredients that are totally unique to this tandoori carrot recipe, so it really is something special, and definitely one to try. 

Tandoori Carrots | eatwell

Source: eatwell

Another outstanding recipe to try out is this ‘tandoori carrots’ recipe by eatwell. This recipe is different to the others we have shown you so far because it takes the perhaps strange option of serving the carrots with their leaves still attached.

If you want a showstopper to add to your dinner table, then this might be the perfect recipe for you. But, if the thought of having leaves attached to your rainbow carrots puts you off, you can simply cut them off before you cook. It will not affect the taste of this recipe at all. 

Easy Tandoori Chicken and Vegetables | foodiecrush

Source: foodiecrush

If you want to try out this recipe, but aren’t that great at cooking, then this ‘easy tandoori chicken and vegetables’ recipe is perfect for you. This recipe is designed to produce an entire meal, but if you just want to make carrots, you can simply ignore all the steps that do not include them.

Alternatively, if you want to make an entire meal alongside your tandoori carrots, then this recipe is the perfect way to make it simple. This recipe contains more ingredients than the recipes we have looked at so far, but it is actually a lot easier to make. So, if you want straightforward, this is the option for you. 

Roasted Spiced Carrots with Coconut Curry Greens | almostlikemoms

Alternatively, if you want to expand on your tandoori carrots by including other ingredients, then this is the perfect recipe for you. This recipe does not state that it is a tandoori recipe, but the ingredients are perfect for this style of dish.

Likewise, this recipe also contains a variety of green vegetables to ensure that you are not hungry after eating. So, if you love tandoori, and you love vegetables, this recipe could be perfect for you. 

Tandoori Carrots with Vadouvan Spice and Yogurt | bonappetit

Source: bonappetit

If you loved the idea of the vadouvan spice tandoori carrots we spoke about earlier, then you will also love this recipe by bonappetit. There are some minor differences between this recipe and the one that we looked at earlier, and because of this they do taste slightly different from one another. So, if you tried the last recipe, and it didn’t live up to your expectations, give this one a go.

There are lots of different ingredients included in this recipe to create a unique flavor that everybody is guaranteed to love, so this is a great choice for your next dinner party. 

Tandoori Roasted Carrots | heinstirred

Source: heinstirred

If you love your carrots roasted, then this ‘tandoori roasted carrots’ recipe by heinstirred is perfect for you. By the name of this recipe, you might expect it to be very basic, but it actually isn’t. Instead, this recipe contains a variety of different flavors and seasonings to create a totally unique flavor.

The ingredients list for this recipe is pretty long, and this can be intimidating. But, this recipe is actually a lot easier than you might expect, so you shouldn’t let the ingredients list daunt you. If you want a showstopper of a side dish, this is the recipe for you.  

Tandoori Roasted Carrots and Turnips | loamagronomics

Finally, we have this ‘tandoori roasted carrots and turnips’ recipe by loamagronomics. Of course, this recipe does include turnips, so it won’t be for everyone. But, if you don’t like turnips, then you can simply leave them out of the recipe and just cook your carrots instead.

While you might expect this recipe to be complex because it contains more than one vegetable, it is actually another straightforward recipe that takes just 7 steps to complete. This is why we would definitely recommend giving this recipe a try if you are on the hunt for the perfect tandoori rainbow carrot recipe.