The Best One Pot Blackberry Glazed Salmon Recipes We Can Find

If you want a main course that is both light and filling, then salmon is always one of the best options. Unlike some protein sources, salmon has the ability to fill you up, without making you feel bloated or heavy, and this is why it is such a popular main course.

Another reason why it is so popular is that it is very versatile, and can be served in a variety of different ways. 

One of the most popular ways to serve salmon is with a blackberry sauce or glaze. This can seem like a strange combination because blackberries are usually associated with sweet dishes.

But this combination is actually very yummy, and that is why it is very popular. So, you might be looking for the perfect recipe for this dish. 

Luckily for you, in this guide we’ve compiled the best one pot blackberry glazed salmon recipes we can find. We’ve also thrown in a few variations on this recipe, which you might also enjoy.

So, if you are hunting for the perfect blackberry glazed salmon recipe, then keep on reading. 

One Pot Wonder Blackberry Glazed Salmon (By Copy Me That)

Source: Copy Me That

First up, we have this excellent ‘one pot wonder blackberry glazed salmon’ recipe, which can be found on copymethat.

This recipe is generally quite easy to produce because it only contains the bare minimum of ingredients. But don’t let this mislead you, this recipe is full of flavor, and it will leave you wanting more. Essentially, this recipe takes just a handful of steps.

First, you need to mix your wet ingredients together to form a glaze, then you need to prepare your asparagus for cooking, then add everything together in a pan and broil. So, if you want a simple and delicious recipe, then this option might be perfect for you.

Sweet Blackberry Glazed Salmon In One Pot (By Pinterest)

Source: Pinterest

If you are an avid cooker, then you will probably know that one of the best places to find great recipes is on Pinterest. That is where we came across this totally delicious ‘sweet blackberry glazed salmon in one pot’ recipe.

As with the previous recipes that we have looked at, this recipe recommends that you serve this salmon with asparagus, and this is mainly because the flavors complement each other very well. Asparagus is also very light and healthy, so it complements the salmon in this way too.

Unlike the last recipe that we looked at, this recipe really focuses on the sweetness of the blackberries, and the contrast of this with the natural flavor of the salmon. This is why we would definitely recommend trying this dish. 

One Pot Blackberry Glazed Salmon And Asparagus (By Under 500 Calories)

Next up, we have this wonderful ‘one pot blackberry glazed salmon and asparagus’ recipe by under500calories. This recipe is straightforward to make as it contains just 8 different ingredients, and it is also very healthy with just 310 calories per serving.

The beauty with one pot recipes is that they are easy to make, and they generally require less effort than other recipes.

For this recipe, you essentially need to prepare the asparagus, then add all the different ingredients into a pot to cook. Once they are done, you will have a yummy meal to enjoy, that is healthy too. So, you should definitely give this recipe a try. 

Baked Salmon With Blackberry Ginger Glaze (By The Food Network)

If you prefer your salmon baked, then this ‘baked salmon with blackberry ginger glaze’ recipe from thefoodnetwork might be perfect.

While the name of this recipe does not state it, this recipe is actually a one pot recipe as you cook everything in a pot before finishing the glazed salmon off in the oven. This recipe is really easy to follow, and it creates enough to serve 4 people.

In terms of timings, this is also a very quick recipe to make as it takes 30 minutes from start to finish, preparation time included. So, if you are looking for a straightforward blackberry glazed salmon recipe, this is the one for you. 

Perfect Pan Seared Salmon With Blackberry Sauce (By Heather Likes Food)

For a one pot pan seared salmon recipe, then this ‘perfect pan seared salmon w/blackberry sauce’ recipe by heatherlikesfood is great.

The blackberry sauce that is used to glaze the salmon in this recipe contains a few different ingredients to the other recipes we have looked at, and this gives it a very different flavor.

Instead of it being very sweet, this sauce is instead quite tangy, and this completely transforms the flavor of the dish. Compared to the other recipes we have looked at, this one is a little more fancy, so if you want to serve this dish at a dinner party, then this is the recipe for you. 

Grilled Salmon With Blackberry Sauce (Belly Full)

Source: Belly Full

Another wonderful recipe to consider is this ‘grilled salmon with blackberry sauce’ recipe by bellyfull. Salmon is so versatile because it can be cooked in lots of different ways, and grilling is definitely one of the most yummy. So, if you like your salmon grilled, then this is the recipe for you.

This recipe has a unique flavor, and the sauce is very different to the options in the recipes that we have looked at previously, simply because it uses different ingredients.

Surprisingly, this recipe is actually the quickest to make out of the options that we have looked at, with a total cooking/preparation time of just 25 minutes. So, if you want something that is quick and easy, but tastes great, this is the perfect choice. 

Grilled Salmon With Wild Blackberry Sauce (By Cooking Mamas)

Salmon tastes so wonderful because it is very natural in flavor. Salmon never tastes processed, or fake, and this is why it is so healthy to eat. This ‘grilled salmon with wild blackberry sauce’ recipe by cookingmamas, takes advantage of the natural flavor of salmon, and complements it with this natural wild blackberry sauce.

When you look at this recipe, it can be difficult to comprehend that it is a savory dish because it does look very much like a dessert. But, this appearance does not reflect in the flavor of this dish. While the sauce is sweet, the salmon definitely isn’t, and this contrast is what makes this dish so delicious.

But, it is also worth noting that this is the most complex and time-consuming recipe that we have looked at, so it is definitely only suited for those who love a challenge. 

Grilled Blackberry-Glazed Salmon (By Betty Crocker)

Finally, let’s wrap this list up with this classic ‘grilled blackberry-glazed salmon’ recipe by the cooking institution that is bettycrocker.

Unlike the last recipe that we looked at, this one is insanely straightforward, and because of this it is perfect for people who are beginners at cooking. Salmon can often be an intimidating source of protein to cook because it is very delicate, so this is an excellent place to start.

This recipe has just 5 ingredients in it, and because of this it is very simple to make. But don’t let this simplicity mislead you, this recipe is still delicious, and it is guaranteed to be a hit, no matter who you serve it to.