The Best Crouton Cups with Caesar Salad Recipes We Can Find

If you are hosting a party, then you will know that appetizers are one of the most important things to plan.

For some strange reason, people are always hungry when they first arrive at parties, and as a host, you don’t really want to be serving a full meal upon arrival. But something has to wet your guest’s appetites, and that is why appetizers exist.

The best appetizers will be small in portion size, and easy to hold. They will be clean to handle, and they will carry no risk of food falling all down the front of your guests. That is why crouton cups make such a great appetizer.

You can fill crouton cups with almost anything, but, without a doubt, one of the best fillings is Caesar salad. It’s healthy and tasty, and just filling enough to tide you over until the actual meal. But finding the best recipe for this can be tricky.

In this guide, we’ve made a complete round up of the best crouton cups with Caesar salad recipes that we can find. So, if you are on the search for the perfect recipe for you, then keep on reading.

Chicken Caesar Crouton Cups (By BestRecipeFinder)

Without a doubt, one of the best recipes for crouton cups with Caesar salad is this ‘Chicken Caesar Crouton Cups’ recipe from BestRecipeFinder. While you can get regular Caesar salad that just includes lettuce and sauce, this recipe is even better because it also contains chicken.

Of course, this will make it unsuitable for vegetarians, but if you are catering for this food preference, you could always leave the chicken out of the recipe.

This recipe is fiddly, as are most appetizer recipes, but it is very yummy, and it is guaranteed to be a hit with your guests. So, this is definitely a great recipe to try.

Chicken Caesar Crouton Cups (By Cook Me)

Source: Cook Me

Regular crouton cups are yummy, but this recipe is even better. That is because this ‘Chicken Caesar Crouton Cups’ recipe from Cook.Me uses garlic bread to create the crouton cups.

This completely transforms the flavor of this appetizer and really takes it to the next level. As you will notice, the ingredients list for this recipe is pretty long, and because of this the preparation process does take quite a while.

But, it is totally worth it once you take that first delicious bite out of this delectable treat. So, if you want to treat your guests to something special, check out this recipe.

Garlic Crouton Cups With Pesto Caesar (By Food)

Source: Food

If you love the idea of the garlic crouton cups that we mentioned in the last recipe, you will also love this ‘Garlic Crouton Cups with Pesto Caesar’ recipe from This recipe is a little different from the last one that we looked at, so if that wasn’t for you, give this one a go.

The main difference between this garlic crouton cup recipe and the last one is that this dish also contains pesto to switch up the flavor.

As well as pesto, this recipe also contains Parmesan cheese chips to add another dimension to it. That is why this is the perfect recipe if you fancy something a little different.

Caesar Salad Wonton Crouton Cups (By RecipeTinEats)

Alternatively, you might choose this ‘Caesar Salad Wonton Crouton Cups’ recipe from RecipeTinEats. This recipe takes the traditional crouton cup recipe and completely transforms it by using wonton wrappers to create the cups. It is for this reason that this is a great choice if you fancy something a little different.

The wonton wrapper makes these dishes a lot lighter to bite into, and this also makes them less heavy to eat. So, if you are hosting a dinner party where the main course is very heavy, you might choose this recipe to ensure that your guests are not full after their appetizers.

Mini Chopped Caesar Salad Cups (By Life Is But A Dish)

Another excellent alternative to the traditional crouton cup is this ‘Mini Chopped Caesar Salad Cups’ recipe by Life is But a Dish. This recipe does deviate slightly from the theme of this guide, but they taste too good to exclude them from the list.

The main way in which this recipe deviates from the others that we have looked at is that it uses cheese to form the cup, rather than bread/croutons.

This might seem strange at first, but it is actually a great way to add more flavor to the dish without making it too heavy to be an appetizer. So, this is another great option to try.

Chicken Caesar Salad Cups (By Mr. Food Test Kitchen)

If you liked the idea of using wonton wrappers earlier, then you will also love this recipe for ‘Chicken Caesar Salad Cups’ by Mr.Food Test Kitchen.

The Caesar salad aspect of this recipe is a lot more traditional than the recipe that we looked at earlier, the only real similarity between the two is that they use wonton wrappers to make the dish lighter.

This is a simple dish to make, and the perfect choice if you only have limited time to craft your appetizers. So, if you need quick and easy recipes for chicken Caesar salad cups, this is the one for you.

Caesar Salad Parmesan Cups (By Don’t Go Bacon My Heart)

As you can see, the number of recipes that exclusively use croutons/bread to make the cups to hold Caesar salad is very limited.

That is why we come to yet another variation of this recipe, where Parmesan cheese is used to create the cup to hold the salad. Caesar salad is yummy on its own, but Parmesan cheese can completely transform it.

Ordinarily, you would simply sprinkle some Parmesan over the top of your salad. But you don’t have to do that with this recipe because the cheese is already there, holding the salad together. So, if you love cheese, you will love this recipe.

Caesar Salad Cups (By Lil’ Luna)

Source: Lil’ Luna

Another great variation on crouton cups is this ‘Caesar Salad Cups’ recipe by Lil’ Luna. This recipe is outstanding and very innovative, primarily because it uses artichoke to form the cups for the recipe.

Once again, this will totally transform the flavor of the dish, and in this case, it will actually also make it a lot healthier too. Caesar salad tastes great because it is full of light and healthy ingredients, and an artichoke cup will complement this even further.

So, if you are still on the search for the perfect recipe, this could be the right one for you.

Crouton Cups With Caesar Salad Filling (By MasterCook)

Source: MasterCook

Finally, let’s wrap this up with a recipe that perfectly fits what you are looking for, without any innovation, and that is this ‘Crouton Cups with Caesar Salad Filling’ by MasterCook.

This recipe is clear and straightforward to follow, and it contains all the classic key ingredients of both crouton cups and Caesar salad.

If you wish to, you can easily modify this recipe by adding different herbs and spices to the salad. But, for the best flavor, we would always recommend following it to the letter for the perfect appetizers.