The Best Onion Ring Sunny-Side Up Eggs Recipes We Can Find

A fast and easy breakfast doesn’t need to be bland. When people think of quick meals, they’ll see the image of cereal, toast, or ramen in their head, but eggs are just as easy and just as quick!

But maybe you don’t care for speed; instead, you want to bring flavor and impress your friends?

Well, today, we are going to show you the best onion ring bordering a sunny side up egg recipes that are floating around the internet. This way, you can fulfill all three of those wants! Fast, tasty and impressive!

Onion Ring Fried Eggs Recipe (By Snack Girl)

Source: Snack Girl

This recipe helps you get the basics of the onion ring and fried egg recipe. It only has two ingredients (you guessed it, an onion and an egg), and the recipe is only 60 words long.

There is just one bullet point to follow, but really it should have been extended to 4, just to make the page easier to look at.

Snack Girl’s recipe is a great start into a basic version of the Onion Ring and Fried Eggs recipe. Once you feel confident enough, you can move onto some of the more flavorsome methods.

Vegetable Egg Rings Recipes (By Group Recipes)

Group Recipe gives you instructions on how to make this sunny side up egg with any light vegetable. They suggest onions or peppers, but anything with a similar water weight ratio will do well.

Adding a little bit of flavor, Group Recipe adds salt and pepper to bring a bit of seasoning to your plate. They are a basic combination, but sometimes that’s all you need to lift a dish.

There are only 7 small steps to this recipe, and it won’t take you 5 minutes to create this delicious breakfast.

Eggs in Onion Rings (By Que Rica Vida)

Time to add a little more flair to this onion ring recipe! Que Rica Vida mixes their onion rings in flour, milk, and then breadcrumbs to create a crunchy texture. They then deep fry the breaded onion rings to cook them up into their crispy consistency.

We would recommend adding some salt and pepper into the milk mixture to add a little more flavor to the batter.

Fried Eggs Inside An Onion Ring (By Simple Comfort Food)

If the idea of a crispy onion ring is making your mouthwatering, but you don’t have the time to separate the flour, milk, and breadcrumbs, then follow Simple Comfort Food’s example and buy pre-made thick cut breaded onions. 

They actually suggest making this recipe with leftover onion rings from a takeout. This idea is perfect! Not only do you get a forbidden but delicious dirty breakfast, but you also save the food you would have otherwise thrown out!

Leftover takeout, made fancy! 

Roasted Sunny-Side Up Eggs In Rings Of Onion Over Zucchini Sticks (By Food)

Source: Food

Okay, so we can hear some of you thinking that leftover takeout isn’t as fancy as we’re making it out to be, and to you, we suggest following Food’s zucchini addition to this eggs and rings breakfast.

The zucchini slices act as a nest for the eggs and onions to sit on. Sprinkled on top is a delightful dried parsley lightness and a hearty garlic powder sprinkle.

How To Make Onion Egg Rings (By B+C Guides)

Source: B+C Guides

Are you a visual learner? Then B+C guides will be the best recipe to follow for a simple yet effective onion egg rings breakfast.

They can show you just how thick you need your onion rings to be and just how deep your oil should be too.

Sometimes a measurement of an ingredient is too vague, especially when the ingredient (like oil) is meant to be covering or coating something, but you and the recipe don’t have the same pan. That’s why this photo tutorial can be super helpful to nervous chefs!

Egg In Onion Ring Recipe (By Ye-Mek)

Source: Ye-Mek

Ye-Mak adds red pepper flakes to their recipe to create a gentle kick in your morning breakfast. 

Just like B+C Guides, Ye-Mek gives you a photo tutorial to help you on your cooking journey. They even show you the size of the onion, so you know if your ingredients are smaller than the recipe thought they would be. 

In total, the recipe is only 60 words, and there are only 5 ingredients, so you can follow this recipe quickly and with everything you already have in your cupboards!

Scrambled Eggs In An Onion Ring (By Thrifty Fun)

Source: Thrifty Fun

If someone in your family doesn’t like sunny side up eggs, you can still surprise them with eggs in an onion breakfast. All you need to do is create scrambled eggs instead!

Another curve ball that Thrifty Fun has offered is to use red onions instead of brown! This will give your eggs a sweet taste that matches perfectly with scrambled eggs!

Their recipe is only for one serving, so you can happily serve this to your one picky family member, or if there are multiple people at your breakfast table who prefer a scrambled egg, you can easily multiply the ingredients to suit everyone!

Fried Egg Onion Rings (By Ava Jane’s Kitchen)

Ava Jane’s Kitchen is my kind of cook; they suggest adding crumbled bacon and green onions on to the final plate, and oh boy, does that sound mouthwatering!

They suggest using their own avocado oil, but in reality, any oil will do. If you have access to avocado oil, then definitely add it to the pan as the soft and soothing flavors work so well with Ava Jane’s Kitchen’s recipe!

Eggs In Onion Rings (By Tasty Craze)

Source: Tasty Craze

Would you rather have an onion boat instead of an onion ring? Tasty Craze’s recipe allows you to do just that! They use red onions with thick “rings,” which are cut close to the bowl side of the onion.

This means that although the “rings” have a hole at the bottom, they are more of a bowl shape than a border.

Onion Ring Fried Egg (By BS In The Kitchen)

The onion rings in this recipe are so light and crunchy that they are our favorite on this list! Saving the best to last means, you can mix and match this amazing recipe with the other methods on this list!

Add crumbled bacon or a scrambled egg, or even follow the visual instructions from previous instructions. But make sure to follow BS In The Kitchen when they bake their onion rings

They follow the baked onion rings recipe, then throw an egg on top for a light, crunchy texture that mixes with the juicy and nutritious yolk!