The Best Deviled Egg Recipes We Can Find

There’s nothing better than throwing a party, especially when it comes to the food. These days, there are certain dishes that we immediately associate with celebrations and events, from mushroom vol-au-vents to lobster sliders.

However, if there is one dish that truly embodies the party mood, then it’s a delicious tray of deviled eggs. 

Tracing its origins back to ancient Rome, the deviled egg or stuffed egg has remained a popular staple of western cuisine ever since and can often be found at birthday parties and wedding receptions around the world.

But how do you make these delicious snacks and what recipe is the best when it comes to crafting the perfect deviled egg? 

Of course, there are currently hundreds of deviled egg recipes available online, which can make limiting down your choices a very difficult task. That is why we have compiled together a selection of the best deviled egg recipes that we could find.

Not only are these recipes easy to follow, but they are also full of flavor, with some even putting a unique twist on the classic dish.

So why not check out our top picks to see which recipe takes your fancy and your taste buds! 

Classic Deviled Eggs (By Downshiftology)

For the first entry on our list, we have chosen a recipe that takes a simple and classic approach to the iconic dish.

Made using hard-boiled eggs that have been sliced in half, this recipe stuffs the egg whites with a mixture of yolk and Dijon mustard, creating a pungent and aromatic snack that is perfect for any social occasion or gathering.

Just sprinkle the finished eggs with a dash of paprika and you have an indulgent party food that will put a grin on every guests’ face. 

Deviled Eggs (By Simple Recipes)

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that are the most effective, and there’s nothing more simple than this recipe for classic deviled eggs.

Featuring hard-boiled eggs that have been stuffed with a mixture of Dijon mustard, mayonnaise and Tabasco sauce, these deviled eggs are a decadent and indulgent treat that will lift the atmosphere of any gathering or celebration – so why not give them a go and make your next birthday or anniversary a memorable one.

As the recipe says ‘it’s not a party without deviled eggs.’

Best-Ever Deviled Eggs With Bacon (By Natasha’s Kitchen)

We all know that deviled eggs are pretty amazing as they come. So why not add another ingredient into the mix to see what happens?

Made using hard-boiled eggs that have been filled with a heady combination of yellow mustard and pickles, this recipe also tops the finished product with shards of crispy bacon, infusing the overall dish with a distinctive and smoky flavor.

It may not be a game-changing addition, but we promise that this recipe is simply delicious and that it will add a touch of drama to any celebration. 

Salmon Deviled Eggs (By Jamie Oliver)

Source: Jamie Oliver

If you have been searching for a deviled egg recipe that completely reimagines the classic dish in a new and exciting way – then we think we may have found it.

Born from the imagination of British chef Jamie Oliver, this creative recipe takes hard-boiled eggs and stuffs them with a mixture of Dijon mustard and fresh dill, before topping the finished product with slices of smoked salmon.

The final result is a delicious and refreshing party appetizer that will make heads turn. So if you are keen to break the culinary wheel, then why not start with something small? 

Greek Yogurt Deviled Eggs (By The Real Food Dietitians)

Although deviled eggs can be delicious, they can also be incredibly unhealthy, especially if you have recently started a new gluten-free diet. So if you are interested in hosting a party and making your own health-conscious treats, then we have the perfect recipe for you.

Featuring hard-boiled eggs that have been cut down the middle, this recipe adds organic Greek yogurt and coconut aminos to the classic filling, giving it a refreshing and nutritious taste.

Ideal for any paleo or whole30 gatherings, these eggs can be enjoyed by health enthusiasts from all walks of life and are particularly delicious when topped with a sprig of fresh parsley. 

Deliciously Rotten Deviled Eggs (By Parenting Chaos)

Are you hosting a Halloween party and have no idea what food to serve? Then why not take a look at this creative recipe and make some delicious deviled eggs with a dark and spooky twist.

Made using hard-boiled eggs that have been infused with blue dye, these deviled eggs are then stuffed with a mixture of hot sauce, mustard and mayonnaise before being dyed green and topped with a handful of crunchy chia seeds.

The final result is a creepy and vibrant dish that is perfect for any Halloween celebration and promises to keep your children entertained for hours on end. 

Colorful Deviled Eggs (By Bitz & Giggles)

Do you want to make deviled eggs for your next party but find the dish dull? Then why not take a look at this amazing recipe and make a dish that is simply bursting with an array of colors.

Featuring hard-boiled eggs that have been soaked in different food colorings, these deviled eggs are striking in their appearance and sport a delicious mixture of mustard and onions.

Perfect for children’s birthday parties or Easter celebrations, these deviled eggs will not be soon forgotten and are every bit as tasty as their classic counterparts. 

Million Dollar Deviled Eggs (By Sugar Spun Run)

It doesn’t take much to completely reimagine a once classic dish, something that our next recipe knows all about.

Made using hard-boiled eggs that have been filled with a tasty concoction of egg yolk, mustard and gherkin, these deviled eggs are truly a decadent and exquisite surprise and are the perfect match for any formal gathering you may have scheduled for the future.

So why not remind your guests how amazing party food can be and make these amazing appetizers today. 

Lobster-Stuffed Deviled Eggs (By Recipe Goldmine)

Do you want to try something new and exciting? Then why not combine classic deviled eggs with the sweet and savory flavors of authentic seafood.

Featuring hard-boiled eggs that have been stuffed with a mixture of sour cream, mayonnaise and garlic powder, this recipe also garnishes the finished eggs with fresh lobster and lemon juice, giving the final fish a refreshing and memorable taste.

So the next time you feel like adding a touch of glamour to your average party food, remember this recipe and we promise you won’t be disappointed by the results. 

Asparagus Deviled Eggs (By Akis Petretzikis)

We all know that deviled eggs are vegetarian, so why not make them even more nutritious and elegant by adding some other delicious ingredients.

Featuring hard-boiled eggs that have been filled with a mixture of mayonnaise, egg yolk and onion, this recipe also decides to add crunchy asparagus into the mix, creating a tasty appetizer that is bursting with a variety of flavors and textures.

Ideal for formal gatherings or celebrations in the garden, these deviled eggs are the very definition of party food. So why not shake things up and add this recipe to your cookbook now.