The Best Chocolate Hazelnut Berry Shortcake Recipes We Can Find

You know what? I am soo done with plain old vanilla shortcake.

Gimmie flavor, gimmie indulgent creamy chocolate and crisp toasted hazelnuts and succulent berries!

I’ve been on the hunt for some really great chocolate hazelnut berry shortcake recipes, and I just can’t wait to show you ones I’ve found – here goes!

A quick heads-up, I kinda had to break the rules coming up with this shortlist, but I’ll eat my hat if you don’t love it as much as I do.

(They’re not in any particular order, just scroll through until you find one you like the look or sound of!)

Chocolate Hazelnut Raspberry Shortcakes (By Matt Lewis & Renato Poliafito – BHG)

This is one of my favorite recipes for chocolate hazelnut berry shortcake! It uses some great ingredients, like 64% cacao melted dark chocolate and a cup and a half of gorgeous fresh raspberries, and raspberry preserves to boot. 

It’s actually two recipes in one, one recipe for a gorgeous crumbly chocolate hazelnut shortcake, together with another recipe for a truly magical raspberry whipped cream, for serving.

The recipe is enough to serve 8 people, and it takes just over an hour from start to finish. (Don’t worry, there’s only 20 minutes of prep!)

I just love the contrast of taste and textures!

For the full recipe, please click here. There you will also find a handy video demonstrating exactly what you need to do, together with a complete nutritional breakdown.

Triple Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake (By Renee’s Kitchen Adventures)

Renee has transformed a buttermilk biscuit recipe to make this truly amazing triple chocolate shortcake biscuits to be enjoyed with whipped cream, powdered sugar and fresh Florida strawberries. 

The dough is infused with chocolate syrup and cocoa, with a nice scattering of chocolate chips throughout for even more flavor. They come out kinda like brownies, but just lighter and not as dense.

And if you want to add some hazelnut flavoring, you can simply replace the vanilla extract with hazelnut syrup instead. Works like a charm! 

I love Renee’s idea of serving them up with chocolate strawberries – yum!

The recipe yields enough to serve 8 people. Prep time is just 20 minutes, and cooking time is even quicker at just 15 minutes, so you can get them done in just over half an hour.

For the full recipe, please click here.

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Shortcakes (By The Candid Appetite)

Ok, you got me! This chocolate hazelnut shortbread recipe doesn’t feature any berries, but it’s got a banana, and that’s a great fruit too, right?

And if you really don’t like bananas, you can just swap them out for strawberries or raspberries.

What I love about this recipe is how you can just slather on lots of dreamy Nutella and not be shy about it! I also love the addition of ground cinnamon and espresso powder – it really gives the shortcake a punch! And I also love the addition of some coarsely chopped hazelnuts on top to serve.

The recipe yields an entire 10 to 12 servings, and it’s ready in just over half an hour, including prep and cook time. 

For the full recipe, please click here. You get step-by-step instructions, with photos included along the way.

Chocolate Hazelnut Berry Shortcakes (By Life With Janet)

I just love how simple and straightforward this recipe is to make. And the shortcakes are basically thin chocolate biscuits, they’re just crispy enough to soak up all the berry juices – yum!

For the full recipe, please click here

Vegan Chocolate-Hazelnut Tart With Fresh Berries (By Rishon Hanners – My Recipes)

Source: My Recipes

Technically, this recipe does not use buttermilk because it has been made suitable for vegans. So by the strict definitions, it doesn’t quite fit into the shortcake category. But I still thought it was well worth including in my shortlist, one because it tastes amazing, and two because the crust has a very similar texture to shortcake.

And not only is it vegan, it’s also gluten-free and paleo friendly to boot.

It uses all fresh ingredients for crust, including dates for extra flavor. And there are healthy ripe avocados used in the filling. And you can really mix things up for the garnish, raspberries, strawberries, and toasted hazelnuts to really finish it off well.

For the full recipe, please click here. There you will also find a video demonstrating what you need to, with some handy troubleshooting thrown in too!

Chocolate Hazelnut Shortbread Cookies (By Cheryl Norris – Bakes By Brown Sugar)

I love this recipe – buttery shortbread cookie filled with decadent dark chocolate and crunchy roasted hazelnuts. 

If you wanted to add berries to the mix, I would suggest that you use dried fruit rather than fresh, as you don’t want the dough to get too soggy. Or you could just place fresh berries on top as a garnish to serve.

This recipe yields enough to serve up to 24 people (if they have one cookie each). It takes a while to make (an hour and 20 minutes including prep time, cook time, and chill time) but I promise you they are absolutely worth it.

And better yet, each cookie is under 200 calories!

For the full recipe, please click here. There you will also find a complete nutritional breakdown.

Hazelnut Shortcake With Raspberries (By Land O Lakes)

Source: Land O Lakes

I just love these hazelnut shortcakes – amazingly delicious.

Instead of your regular Nutella based fillings, it uses real toasted hazelnuts and sour cream. And if you wanted to add a nice little chocolate flavoring into the mix, all you need to do is add in some cocoa powder to taste, maybe in place of some of the all-purpose flour.

And I just adore the raspberry sauce that goes with it, made of fresh raspberries, orange juice and powdered sugar.

The recipe yields 12 servings in total, with a 1-hour total time including both prep and cooking time. And it’s an indulgent 300 calories per serving.

For the full recipe, please click here. There you will also find a complete nutritional breakdown.

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake (By Amanda Rettke – I Am Baker)

Source: I Am Baker

I love how this recipe is presented, thick stacks of chocolate shortcake with whipped cream and sliced strawberries layered in between, and a stunning chocolate sauce simply drizzled all over the top! 

And while the original recipe doesn’t include hazelnuts, you can always add some hazelnut syrup in the mix, or add some chopped hazelnuts to the garnish.

Also, while the recipe says it yields 6 servings, the servings are quite large, which is how they’ve managed to rack up 659 calories each.

For the full recipe, please click here. You’ll also find some hints and tips there too.