About Us

No matter where we’re from, or what we believe in, the one thing that connects us all is food. Whether we’re gathered around the table to enjoy a family meal, breaking bread with a friend we haven’t seen for half a lifetime, or sharing an intimate dinner with the person we’re going to spend the rest of our life with, food is the common bond that unites all of us.

Hi, I’m Sally McKenzie, and for as long as I can remember I’ve been passionate about creating delicious, simple recipes and cooking meals that use real ingredients. My grandmother taught me that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing well and that one of the greatest joys in life was pouring your heart and soul into the meals that you share with the people that you love the most. After all, food is all about passion, and as Anthony Bourdain said, all that matters as far as food is concerned is, “does it give pleasure?”

That’s why I started my blog, and began Apron Strings so that I could share my passion for food with the world, and the recipes that have brought my friends and family together with anyone and everyone out there who feels the same way about food as I do. Food, and discovering great recipes are the two of the greatest loves of my life, and after you’ve spent a little time on Apron Strings, hopefully, they’ll become two of your greatest loves too. It’s time to embrace passion and start your new and exciting journey into the food frontier…